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Return of the Scarlet Pimpernel

…Frank Svedese Please put more old movies online Hi Frank, Will do! Keep an eye on the Facebook page! Thanks, grace Thank you so much for this, what joy. Ernest long time , no see Kelly hi, i really like this site as i love classics. i would like to see more period peaces, such 18th century etc. as well i do not see any Bette Davis movies. thank you for having this site…

The Birth of a Nation

…Life in post-civil war America can be presented in many lights. This movie takes the viewer through the life of two families – one pro-Union and the other pro-Confederacy. Whether the movie is an offensive lie or a mirror of the harsh reality is up to you to decide.  …

The Contender

…Gary is a truck driver trying to come up with the money for his son’s military school tuition. His only hope is to win a boxing match that has a $500 award. Even though that seems far fetched, Gary actually wins and decides to go full steam into boxing. Watch The Contender to find out how this decision will affect Gary’s and his son’s lives….

Assignment Outer Space

The Mad Monster

…A scientist who has been discredited by his peers decides to prove his superiority by creating a werewolf formula which turns his gardener into a monster….


…Bruce Lane is a lawyer whose new assignment is to serve a summons on Russell Selby, a millionaire with a passion for boat racing. After failing to serve him on land, Lane decides to surprise him on his boat – during a yacht race. Alone with Selby and his crew in the ocean, Lane has to either help them or die with them in these treacherous waters….

Black Dragons

…Six Americans are killed and replaced by Japanese spies whose mission is to compromise the US defense prior to the beginning of WW2. Melcher, who trained the Japanese, is locked down as the High Dragon of Japan wants no witnesses. The US defense is on the verge of sabotage unless someone can expose the impostors….

West of the Divide

…Ted Hayden has spent years searching for his kidnapped brother and his father’s murderer. One day he stumbles upon a dying outlaw who has a letter about people related to his father’s death. Ted decides to pose as the outlaw so can get find out the truth and hopefully get his brother back….

The Stolen Jools

…The pearls of famous actress Norma Shearer are reported stolen. The police need to do anything they can to find her jools and figure out what strange event might have caused their disappearance!…

A Yank in Libya

…Mike is an American correspondent in Libya who stumbles upon the Nazi’s plans to start a revolt using the Arab tribes. The Arabs, led by Sheik David want him dead but he escapes with the help of Nancy Brooks, an agent of the British Intelligence. Nancy and Mike are prime targets of the Nazi and the Arab tribes in a foreign country, with little outside help available….


…Morrellis a painter whose paintings give away frightening hints about his past. The more popular he become, the higher the chance the the wrong people will see his paintings and discover the horrifying past of the brilliant painter….

The Last of the Mohicans

…Norman Wonderful film, What a lovely simple time it was for people and I thank you for these lovely old films. Bnwmovies I’m glad you enjoyed it, Norman!…

Voodoo Man

…A story about a wicked doctor who desires to bring back his dead wife by taking the life out of young women and turning them into zombies using voodoo rituals and hypnosis. Will the sheriff figure out Dr.Marlowe’s plan before it’s too late?…

Young Buffalo Bill

…Don Regas owns a ranch in New Mexico that’s under constant attacks by an Indian tribe. The Indians want to take over part of his land and Buffalo Bill and his sidekick come to the rescue. What is so important for the tribe to have and will Bill and Gabby manage to protect the land?…

The Flying Deuces

…Stan and Ollie are best friends. When Ollie becomes heartbroken they decide to jump off a bridge together. Luckily, a Foreign Legion officer walks by and manages to convince them to give up their suicidal plan and join the army. But how well can guys like Stan and Ollie do in the army? Watch this hilarious comedy to find out!…

Crime, Inc.

…An interesting crime movie about a reporter named Jim who investigates mobsters and tries to bring their crimes to light. Getting involved with the mob has its consequences especially when they don’t like someone’s contributions to their business!…

Sheriff of Tombstone

…Brett Starr is a lawman whose two brothers live in a small town ridden by corruption. The mayor wants to appoint someone who will do as he says but still appear as if he’s putting a stop to corruption. By accident, Starr becomes the mayor’s appointee and now has to find a way to clean up the town’s authorities!…


…Professor Higgins is a phonetics scholar who believes that speech is the only thing that separates the upper class from the lower class. And so, he makes a bet that he can teach Eliza, a flower girl, to talk so well that people would mistake her for a princess… in only six months!…


…A great feel good movie about an orphan named Pollyanna who is sent to live with her aunt Polly. They live in a gloomy community full of unfriendly people and it’s up to Pollyanna to change that!…

Angel on My Shoulder

…A gangster named Eddie gets out of prison but is immediately shot dead by his partner. In Hell, he is offered a chance to live again, by returning as another man – a judge! The goal is to destroy the judge’s reputation but it turns out a gangster makes a pretty good judge too!…