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…An incredible movie about a future when all people are separated into thinkers or workers. The two groups never meet or interact… until one person dares to change the rules….


…This is the American version (dubbed in English) of the classic German film Vampyr. The movie tells the story of a young traveler, Allan, who wanders into a mysterious castle. In the castle he meets the lovely Gisele and her sister, Leone, who is very ill and no one seems to be able to help her……

Dude Bandit

…Ace Cooper’s friend Dad Mason is found dead after he supposedly had a problem paying back the crooked Al Burton. Al is not a suspect and Dad’s death is considered a suicide. It’s up to Ace to investigate and bring justice to Mason’s family….

Whistle Stop

…When Mary was younger she was in love with Kenny, a guy who doesn’t care much about having a nice job or education. Years later when Mary returns to her home town, Kenny is still in the same state. She gets a nice bouquet from Lew, owner of the hotel in town. Lew already had enemies and courting Mary happened to be the last drop in the cup……

Frontier Horizon

…New Hope Valley is a prosperous small community which began its existing right after the end of The Civil War. Everything had been going great for 50 years – until now. The state wants a dam built in place of this small community. Even though each of the citizens will get paid for their land, they decide to unite and fight against the destruction of their town….

Neath the Arizona Skies

…Chris Morrell and his adopted daughter Nina have decided to find her Indian relatives so she can claim $50,000 in Indian oil. Unfortunately for them a gang of outlaws also want to “adopt” Nina and take the oil for themselves. How are Chris and Nina going to get out of this one?…

Broken Blossoms

…The Yellow Man decides to leave China so he can change the violent behavior or Western people using his Buddhist teachings. One day a beaten child enters his shop and he decides to take care of the little girl. The girl’s father however is an ill-tempered boxer who is bound to find her sooner or later……

Cowboy Counsellor

…After a stagecoach robbery Sheriff Matt Verity ends up finding evidence against Luke who works at a farm and has been taking care of a sick cow. Even though the evidence appears too easy to find, Luke ends up in jail. It’s up to his sister Ruth to prove him innocent….

The Lawless Frontier

…Dusty and his daughter Ruby are the next target of an outlaw named Zanti. Dusty manages to outsmart Zanti however this only buys him time and doesn’t solve the problem. They meet John who also wants to see the end of Zanti’s days and together they decide to seek the help of the sheriff and capture Zanti once and for all….

Cavalcade of the West

…John Knox and his family are ambushed by outlaws. The children escape but their parents are never seen again. Years later Clint Knox is grown up and ready to avenge his family……

Night of the Living Dead

…Barbra’s brother Johny is killed by a strange person who attacks the two siblings. A man with a pickup snatches Barbara away from the killer and brings her to a house where a couple and their daughter are also hiding. It turns out that the dead have come to life and have a taste for human flesh. How do you survive a zombie apocalypse?…

I Killed Wild Bill Hickok

…The town of Tri City is in need of a cavalry. The new horses that horse dealer Henry Longtree is sending never reach the city due to Indian attacks. It’s as if the Indians somehow know exactly when new horses are being sent……

Hollywood and Vine

…Martha dreams of becoming a movie star and moves to LA hoping that her dream will come true. On the way she ends up being mistaken for the owner of a stray dog. Unfortunately, it seems that her dog has better chances at scoring a movie role than she does….

Ma & Pa Kettle On Vacation

…Ma and Pa Kettle are on vacation in France with the parents of their daughter in law. A sure recipe for disaster and lots of laughter!…

Bee’s Buzz

…A very entertaining short film! This silly, fast paced movie is bound to make you laugh so hard that you’ll cry!…

Misbehaving Husbands

…Henry Butler is a regular, happily married store owner. But that’s all about to change when he works late one night and comes out of his store carrying a mannequin… in the dark! One doesn’t even need to have wild imagination to come up with at least a couple horrible scenarios just at the sight of the man carrying a blonde woman….