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Lum and Abner own a department store in Pineridge, Arkansas. They have a lot of time on their hands and their favorite activity…

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Genre: Comedy.

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  • Summary:   Lum and Abner own a department store in Pineridge, Arkansas. They have a lot of time on their hands and their favorite activity is nothing other than helping all their neighbors in distress!
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Comedy
  • Directed by:   Harold Young
Dreaming Out Loud (1940) Dreaming Out Loud
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"Dreaming Out Loud" (1940) Cast:

  • Chester Lauck - Lum Edwards
  • Norris Goff - Abner Peabody
  • Frances Langford - Alice
  • Frank Craven - Dr. Walter Barnes
  • Bobs Watson - Jimmy
  • Irving Bacon - Wes Stillman
  • Clara Blandick - Jessica Spencer
  • Robert Wilcox - Dr. Kenneth Barnes
  • Donald Briggs - Will Danielson
  • Robert McKenzie - Constable Caleb Weeunt
  • Phil Harris - Peter Atkinson
  • Sheila Sheldon - Effie Lou Stillman
  • Troy Brown Jr. - Washington


  1. Cute, silly fun!

  2. Lum and abner, what a unique pair.I enjoyed this simple movie that had a nice little message to it thanks.

  3. Down home beautiful

  4. A great surprise 1st time viewing .Great Fun ,A pair you would have found in any town.One of my new favorites.If we could force feed network T V to show this kind of classics , well/ who knows what could be.

  5. Loved it

  6. Strange how people know that if we feed our cars wrong our cars go wrong, yet we spend much more time on figuring that out than on what best to feed, and not feed, our own bodies. Cute film, despite the hegemony.

  7. Loved it

  8. Good, light-weight pleasant movie though there is a sad hit-and-run young death, and mystery of whodunnit. Would not call this a comedy AT ALL, but ends upbeat.

  9. Forevermore… what an involved, good and wholesome recollection of the small country town of circa 1935, USA… memories…. wow… p

  10. Enjoyed

  11. One wonders where all those lovely people are today. Of course, one knows. Still. Still, they live forever, in a way. Thank you for sharing. Great sense of community in this film. I don’t agree with the doctor worship element, but, if one doesn’t have any idea of how to be healthy, a doctor is better, better than nothing

  12. Fantastic. God bless you, so much for providing these. Netflix is awful.
    Cheers, B.

  13. Christopher Myers

    Have not thought about Lum & Abner in more than sixth-five years. It was on the radio but we never listened to it. It must have been on at the same time as something we listened to. Never knew they made movies. This is great. Thank you. I will be eighty-four on 30 August 2020, just six days from now. kitmyers23@yahoo.com. Kent, Ohio.

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