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Life in post-civil war America can be presented in many lights. This movie takes the viewer through the life of two families –…

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Genre: Drama, Romance, War.

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  • Summary:   Life in post-civil war America can be presented in many lights. This movie takes the viewer through the life of two families - one pro-Union and the other pro-Confederacy. Whether the movie is an offensive lie or a mirror of the harsh reality is up to you to decide.  
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Drama, Romance, War
  • Directed by:   D.W. Griffith
The Birth of a Nation (1915) The Birth of a Nation
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"The Birth of a Nation" (1915) Cast:

  • Lillian Gish - Elsie Stoneman
  • Mae Marsh - Flora Cameron
  • Henry B. Walthall - Colonel Ben Cameron
  • Miriam Cooper - Margaret Cameron
  • Ralph Lewis - Austin Stoneman
  • George Siegmann - Silas Lynch
  • Walter Long - Gus
  • Robert Harron - Tod Stoneman
  • Wallace Reid - Jeff the blacksmith
  • Joseph Henabery - Abraham Lincoln
  • Elmer Clifton - Phil Stoneman


  1. That was a great movie to watch. Thanks!

  2. the is crazy

  3. For such an early film & subject matter , I find the movie very educational , from a concept of movie making , plus the attitude at time the film was made concernig negros & whites , & entertaining , wish Hollywood would re-make this , with spoken parts & cards as well. It’s a rather lengthy film , but worth viewing .

  4. good movie

  5. For its age l thought it great!

  6. this movie is great-always heard of it but never seen it-it reminds me of the days we are loving in-it is almost prophetic from 100 years ago-awesome

  7. Why are we still showing these movies and we are still killing each other

  8. An awesome epic movie. Considering that it may not have had a contemporary movie to gain insight into the making, the story and editing are great.
    And the movie although long does not drag, that’s the beauty.
    It portrays the history. Will it be made again, I guess yes but not until another 50 years. Integration not yet complete.
    I am not a US resident or citizen.

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