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A gangster named Eddie gets out of prison but is immediately shot dead by his partner. In Hell, he is offered a chance…

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Genre: Comedy, Horror, Sci-fi.

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  • Summary:   A gangster named Eddie gets out of prison but is immediately shot dead by his partner. In Hell, he is offered a chance to live again, by returning as another man - a judge! The goal is to destroy the judge's reputation but it turns out a gangster makes a pretty good judge too!
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Comedy, Horror, Sci-fi
  • Directed by:   Archie Mayo
Angel on My Shoulder (1946) Angel on My Shoulder
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"Angel on My Shoulder" (1946) Cast:

  • Paul Muni - Eddie Kagle/Judge Fredrick Parker
  • Anne Baxter - Barbara Foster
  • Claude Rains - Nick
  • Onslow Stevens - Dr. Matt Higgins
  • George Cleveland - Albert
  • Erskine Sanford - Minister
  • Marion Martin - Mrs. Bentley
  • Hardie Albright - Smiley Williams
  • James Flavin - Bellamy


  1. Hi All, this is an awesome movie!

  2. Truly a classic movie; absent was distracting fluff while showing the credits before & after the story. Great acting; wonderful weave of evil & good.

  3. Hi
    Another great movie to watch.This is a great site to watch old movies.

  4. Very good film

  5. thoroughly enjoyable. one of the best here IMHO
    Paul Muni. WOW what a great actor.

  6. It is remarkable, this amusing opinion

  7. What a wonderful movie to enjoy on a quiet evening. They just dont make quality movies anymore.

  8. Marilyn Bradford

    One of the best. It was a great movie. I will never forget it. The newer movies are just not as good as these.Ni sex no vulgar language, no blood, just good acting.They were what is called ” Movie Stars”

  9. I always prefer the older movies over the junk people watch today. They have all the technology in the world to make good movies but the only thing people want to see today is vulgarness and violence. You are what you feed your mind.

  10. This movie had a bit of everything a good movie needs.good acting,writing,romance comedy,and all delivering on point.I enjoyed it from beginning to end.thanks!

  11. I have seen this movie numerous times on television, but never caught it from the beginning. A very good movie. Paul Muni and Claude Rains were good together.
    It’s funny seeing Claude Rains playing the devil, when he plays an angel in “Here Comes Mister Jordan”.
    So many great actors and actresses are gone today. The ones today can’t hold a candle to them.

  12. Great movie great movie great movie original why can’t they make more movies like this nowadays instead of all the violence and Mayhem love the movie thank you

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