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Ma and Pa Kettle learn that they’ll soon be grandparents, and it gets better! Their in-laws have decided to pay them a visit…

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Genre: Comedy.

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  • Summary:   Ma and Pa Kettle learn that they'll soon be grandparents, and it gets better! Their in-laws have decided to pay them a visit without giving them much notice about their arrival. Want to know how the city folks are going to handle life on the farm?
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Comedy
  • Directed by:   Edward Sedgwick
Ma and Pa Kettle Back on the Farm (1951) Ma and Pa Kettle Back on the Farm
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"Ma and Pa Kettle Back on the Farm" (1951) Cast:

  • Marjorie Main - Ma Kettle
  • Percy Kilbride - Pa Kettle
  • Richard Long - Tom Kettle
  • Meg Randall - Kim Parker Kettle
  • Ray Collins - Jonathan Parker
  • Barbara Brown - Elizabeth Parker
  • Emory Parnell - Billy Reed
  • Peter Leeds - Manson
  • Teddy Hart - Crowbar
  • Oliver Blake - Geoduck


  1. Love these movies, brings back so many old memories.

  2. good show

  3. great :)))))))))))

  4. just watched the first 15 minutes, couldn’t stand the grotesque play of ‘Ma’ Kettle. The two characters are supposed to be simple people from the country but they are vulgar and that sounds really phony,

  5. Loved these Movies as a kid and enjoyed watching this again. Loved Pa and Ma both doing their best under the circumstances with 15 Children and not much income coming in. As always, Ma being in control while Pa just did the least he could get away with. Thanks for the upload. 😀

  6. Wonderful family movie

  7. WOW! Just love those classic black & white movies. Remember watching these ( Pa& Ma Kettle movies ) when i was a kid and I still love watching them. Thanx 4 posting.
    Looking for the movie: FLUFFY ( about a lion loose in a hotel. Star: Tony Randall, Paul Lynne) and the movie: IT GROWS ON TREES ( $5 & &10 grow on these exotic trees. Star: Irene Dunne). EXCELLENT VIEWING. YOU GET STARS FROM ME *****. EXCELLENT!

  8. I watched classic movie matinees as a child. I LOVE and ADORE Ma and Pa Kettle! I wish I could find all of their films! Some of the politically incorrect things that are in the films are hilarious. They are a throw-back to much more innocent and honest times.

  9. Loved it

  10. Great family fun!

  11. very funny

  12. I had not watched this Ma & Pa Kettle , not their best but still worth watching. Thank you for all of the old memories.

  13. You are very welcome!

  14. Absolutely love this movie Pa is something else

  15. Loved it took me back when I was a Lil girl

  16. I love these movies use to watch when i was young..

  17. Great

  18. I love MA & PA the greatest on earth I wish I could have met them oh my God what a actor and actress and I am just 54 years old but I love them. Amen

  19. Wonderful.

  20. Loved this movie please upload more ma pa movies thanks

  21. Wish there were more good movies (without all of the sick perversion)

  22. Good over greed,Family over all. excellent gem to hide in for a while Bruce

  23. i used to go to the Saturday afternoon at the movies 1956 great movies, for kids love them both

  24. Pure entertainment n fun to see background articles of a simpler time

  25. Gerald Beauchamp

    74 yrs old. Lot of childhood memories of watching with friends.thankyou truly for these memories

  26. ‘Never seen this before! It made me laugh!
    (And no blaspheme, swearing, cursing; no sexual innuendo; no degradingly explicit content, no murder/ death/ kill, stuff – ALL of which people are “fed” to us nowadays as if THAT’S the new normal.) “Sophisticated don’t mean being downright offensive!” Ma might say. Okay, so it’s comic book / yesteryear stereotypical but, also wholesome clean fun that many folks miss who knew better days, long ago!! Kinda like Ma’s coddled eggs (and ‘real food’ that gave us a wholesome start physically as well!! THANK YOU.

  27. Lance and the kids

    Best comedy movies ever made, that’s. My opinion

  28. I love MA & PA oh my God I brought all of their movies all of the and they all gotten stolen

  29. I LOVE this site. I was able to watch one of my favorite 1950’s t.v. programs.

  30. Always loved these movies. Great fun!

  31. Haven’t seen this movie for decades, brings back memories of when people cared about people and movies were about common decency.

  32. Probably the best of the old movies. Wish they could of made a tv series of this and stay true to the original cast and plot. This is classic movie making at its best.

  33. i love these movies!

  34. Always love Ma and Pa Kettle movies great to watch and enjoyment. They don’t make movies like this for the whole family.

  35. I love all of Ma and Pa Kettle movies great enjoyment.

  36. love them need more of this kind

  37. Thanks for taking the time to upload this movie. I watched these movies with my parents as a very young girl. It was old even to them. Brings back great memories and still makes me laugh!

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