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Ma and Pa Kettle are on vacation in France with the parents of their daughter in law. A sure recipe for disaster and…

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Genre: Comedy.

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  • Summary:   Ma and Pa Kettle are on vacation in France with the parents of their daughter in law. A sure recipe for disaster and lots of laughter!
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Comedy
  • Directed by:   Charles Lamont
Ma & Pa Kettle On Vacation (1953) Ma & Pa Kettle On Vacation
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"Ma & Pa Kettle On Vacation" (1953) Cast:

  • Marjorie Main - Ma Kettle
  • Percy Kilbride - Pa Kettle
  • Ray Collins - Jonathan Parker
  • Barbara Brown - Elizabeth Parker
  • Bodil Miller - Inez Kraft
  • Sig Ruman - Cyrus Kraft
  • Oliver Blake - Geoduck
  • Teddy Hart - Crowbar
  • Ivan Triesault - Henri Dupre
  • Peter Brocco - Adolf Wade


  1. I enjoyed it reminds me a little of my big family.

  2. Very good movie.

  3. love these old movies

  4. Never used this site before great movie fantastic picture quality no sex violence or bad language really enjoyed it will use again and it’s free thank you 10 out of 10

  5. loved seeing them 2 in action . Great comedy / action .
    Thankyou !

  6. Ma and Pa are the sweetest couple I’ve ever seen. I love all their movies.

  7. Sherri Montgomery

    Was very entertaining. Always used to enjoy their movies a long time ago. Glad I was able to see one of theirs again. Thank you

  8. Ma and Pa Kettle so down to earth and sensible and patriotic too. Thanks for these movies.

  9. Michael And Brenda

    We enjoyed Ma and Pa Kettle a Great Deal, That’s True comedy in It’s natural taste, Please show more of Ma and Pa kettle, Brenda and I really enjoy the Nostalgia movies. Thanks Again !!

  10. It was just what I expected, GREAT!!

  11. Saturday matinee was my refuge to get away on a Saturday. Love these old Ma and PAW Kettle movies. I grew up with them.

  12. REALLY love this stuff, really takes me back to a great and wonderful time..need more MA and PA, and the like. Thanks

  13. I still love Ma & Pa after over 50 years. Thank you……

  14. Loved the movie !

  15. I’ve always liked “Ma and Pa Kettle” and I always will.

  16. I have always loved Ma end PA kettle they remind me my grandparents living on the farm

  17. Loved it!
    Wish they made more of these! Thank you so much for the nostalgic feeling of a past with no cell phones or emails. Good fun!

  18. An hr’s worth of time travel, Priceless.

    if all lifes a circle it’ll be great when fast snappy dialog moral plot lines & real effects come back.

  19. Carmel Sierra Schneider

    I can’t tell you people just how much I love Ma and Pa I hadn’t laughed so hard in such along time thank you I needed a good laugh . Would really love to watch more of their movies many more….

  20. Wonderful. Took me back in time. Lovely and enjoyable movie. Thank you bnwmovies!


  22. ma and pa kettle is wonderful love all there movies thank you so much for letting us view them.
    24/08/2019 at 3:30pm

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