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The Intruder, Adam Cramer, is the leader of a hatred campaigns against blacks. His new target is a small town where he is…

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Genre: Drama.

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  • Summary:   The Intruder, Adam Cramer, is the leader of a hatred campaigns against blacks. His new target is a small town where he is to stop black people from attending white people's schools. Up against him is Tom, the local newspaper editor, who knows the law is above all and everyone must obey the law. How far will Adam go before his campaign is shut down?
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Drama
  • Directed by:   Roger Corman
The Intruder (1962) The Intruder
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"The Intruder" (1962) Cast:

  • William Shatne - Adam Cramer
  • Frank Maxwell - Tom McDaniel
  • Beverly Lunsford - Ella McDaniel
  • Robert Emhardt - Verne Shipman
  • Leo Gordon - Sam Griffin
  • Charles Barnes - Joey Greene
  • Charles Beaumont - Mr. Paton
  • Katherine Smith - Ruth McDaniel


  1. A shameful time in the American South.

  2. thank you for a very good film eamonn ward.

  3. You are very welcome, Eamonn!

  4. Any french version on those films??????
    good work keep going

  5. Excellent film. Great acting and script throughout.

  6. white people in this movie was very ignorant. It was a shame one man can turn a town into hatred ,those white people should have been shame of themselves. lucky you had sensible white people who wasn’t racist.

  7. True History ,Then and Now
    Very good movie

  8. Wow, a truly powerful and emotive film ,let’s all. Make sure we never see those days again,

  9. This movie shows how far we’ve come and yet how far still we have to go.I hope each day that distance gets shorter and shorter,and maybe in some small way this movie and movies like it will do just that.

  10. Excellent movie..

  11. Great! Movie shatner gave a very good

  12. this movie was excellent.
    William Shatner was great in this role.
    It really upset me, I hate injustice.

    I am so thankful those times are gone.

    People of all colors wish to get along, live their lives peacefully.

    It is the agitators just like in this movie that create problems.

  13. Very well done, though so difficult to watch in this day and age. And unfortunately those times are not gone. Last year I worked with a Black woman who graduated high school in 1994 in Alabama and her prom was segregated. Yes, they had separate prom for the whites! In 1994! It brought tears to my eyes when she told me this. Keep up the b&w movies. I love old movies.

  14. Collectively speaking, Blacks have accumulated many miles from the point in time of this picture. Given today’s mindset of many, and the lack of human understanding of what is virtuous by those in leadership, there undoubtedly will be more miles to travel.

  15. A black and white movie that reflects today’s truth. Hard to watch but a good movie all the same.

  16. It shows you that white people are really evil not all white people I wanted to myself why do they act that way are they scared of us and they call themselves as Superior race yes please movie disturb me but thank you for opening my eyes

  17. Realistic until the end. I’m afraid that, in reality, the good guys would have been killed and there would have been no epiphany moment for the mob.
    Nevertheless, a brave film for its time and particularly relevant today.

  18. Nothing hasn’t changed, since this movie
    was made. Just a lot of cover ups and pretense. I couldn’t watch all of the movie because I didn’t want to start hating people for their ancestor’s. stupidly. We will be fighting this mess until the end of time.

  19. Terrible movie. A very distorted view of the South which was just trying to avoid the toxic cancel culture when in fact both sides wanted separation. Shatner overacts as usual. The entire script reeks of revenge rather than justice by the very ones who now do the same to others.

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