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One of the earliest versions of the popular story of Robin Hood, defender of the poor.

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Genre: Adventure, Romance.

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  • Summary:   One of the earliest versions of the popular story of Robin Hood, defender of the poor.
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Adventure, Romance
  • Directed by:   Allan Dwan
Robin Hood (1922) Robin Hood
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"Robin Hood" (1922) Cast:

  • Douglas Fairbanks - Earl of Huntingdon/Robin Hood
  • Wallace Beery - King Richard the Lion-Hearted
  • Sam De Grasse - Prince John
  • Enid Bennett - Lady Marian Fitzwalter
  • Paul Dickey - Sir Guy of Gisbourne
  • William Lowery - The High Sheriff of Nottingham
  • Willard Louis - Friar Tuck
  • Alan Hale - The Squire/Little John
  • Bud Geary - Will Scarlet
  • Lloyd Talman - Alan-a-Dale
  • Billie Bennett - Servant to Lady Marian

One Comments

  1. The 1914 version of Robin Hood is the best I have seen despite the lack of audio and being in relatively poor condition. The story seems to be more authentic than the more modern movie versions. Richard left for the Crusades in July of 1190, but the oldest known legend of Robin Hood did not mention Richard the Lionheart nor many of the characters that were added to the legend decades or even centuries later. There is no evidence that Robin Hood of the twelfth century was anything more than a commoner. In actual history, David of Scotland was Earl of Huntingdon throughout Richard’s reign, succeeded by his son John. David did have a son named Robert but he is believed to have died in infancy. Therefore the Earl could not have been “Robin Hood”. There is evidence that if there was a Robin Hood, it was more in line with a bloody rebellion against the feudal system because of the abuses inflicted upon the “commoners”. The sanitized versions of the Robin Hood legend are modern innovations, including the 1914 version.

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