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Genre: Sci-fi.

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Assignment Outer Space (1960) Assignment Outer Space
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"Assignment Outer Space" (1960) Cast:

  • Rik Van Nutter Ray Peterson
  • Gabriella Farinon Lucy
  • David Montresor George
  • Archie Savage Al
  • Alain Dijon Archie
  • Franco Fantasia Sullivan
  • Joe Pollini King
  • David Maran Davis
  • José Néstor Venus Commander
  • Anita Todesco Venus Control
  • Aldo Pini Jacson


  1. I am a music producer, I sometimes like to add a ciematic feel to my music via samples of old dialogue, but I do in fact like old movies as well 🙂

  2. it’s very decent – even more than decent- scifi movie. Actors plays well. There are some naive ideas that cosmonauts could jump routinely from one spaceship into an other into deep space but besides this, that movie is worth been watched!

  3. don’t see adownload icon, where is it?

  4. It’s where it says Download “Assignment Outer Space”. Scroll up a couple times and you’ll see it.

  5. Was a good movie-liked it

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