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Frank is returning to London after six years in America. He was supposed to meet his old friend Pauline at the airport however…

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Genre: British, Drama, Mystery.

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  • Summary:   Frank is returning to London after six years in America. He was supposed to meet his old friend Pauline at the airport however she never shows up. Instead, a murder is committed at the airport and Frank becomes involved as a witness. After a while Frank manages to track down Pauline who proves to be quite hard to find. She is very surprised to see him even though she was supposed to meet him at the airport. Their conversation about the murder makes Frank even more suspicious... Could his old friend have turned into a killer?
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   British, Drama, Mystery
  • Directed by:   Cy Endfield
The Limping Man (1953) The Limping Man
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"The Limping Man" (1953) Cast:

  • Lloyd Bridges - Frank Prior
  • Moira Lister - Pauline French
  • Alan Wheatley - Inspector Braddock
  • Leslie Phillips - Detective Cameron
  • Hélène Cordet - Helene Castle
  • André van Gyseghem - George
  • Tom Gill - Stage Manager
  • Bruce Beeby - Kendal Brown
  • Rachel Roberts - the Barmaid
  • Lionel Blair - Dancer
  • Robert Harbin - Harper LeStrade


  1. What a great ending.

  2. You’ll never believe the ending. I had to think hard about it!!!

  3. OK, they got me. I did not see the ending coming. Nicely done. Hollywood can barely make movies like that nowadays. Thank you BnW!

  4. good plot love the end didnt see that one coming..thanx bnw movies 3-1\2 – 4 stars worth the watch

  5. Wow, I didnt see that coming. Great !

  6. Well done.I enjoyed the story,the acting and of course that ending.for an hour and 15min.long movie,you can’t lose here. Again as always thanks.

  7. It was excellent!! All the way to the ‘surprise’ ending. Never saw it coming and I am so glad I chose it to watch tonight.

  8. Great movie always enjoyed Lloyd Bridges. Love the movie great acting and good story line

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