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Mrs. Barrington’s cottage has become a home away from home for many people during the war. His hospitality is welcomed by all, but…

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Genre: British, Comedy, Mystery, Thriller, War.

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  • Summary:   Mrs. Barrington's cottage has become a home away from home for many people during the war. His hospitality is welcomed by all, but housing so many different types of people in the same place will eventually cause issues...
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   British, Comedy, Mystery, Thriller, War
  • Directed by:   Anthony Asquith
Cottage to Let (1941) Cottage to Let
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"Cottage to Let" (1941) Cast:

  • Leslie Banks - John Barrington
  • Alastair Sim - Charles Dimble
  • John Mills - Flight Lieutenant Perry
  • Jeanne de Casalis - Mrs. Barrington
  • Carla Lehmann - Helen Barrington
  • George Cole - Ronald
  • Michael Wilding - Alan Trently
  • Frank Cellier - Ernest Forest
  • Muriel Aked - Miss Fernery
  • Wally Patch - Evans
  • Muriel George - Mrs. Trimm
  • Hay Petrie - Dr. Truscott
  • Catherine Lacey - Mrs. Stokes


  1. Enjoyable movie ! Great twist to the finale.

  2. I enjoyed this movie,it kept my interest and was well acted and George Cole as Ronald was very entertaining thanks once again

  3. Enjoyable movie. Many twists and turns not what you think you know.

  4. Watch it in that context and you will find it gives an important historical perspective of the tension through which everyone was forced to live at the time.

  5. Really enjoyed this film,bnw movies has some great free films to watch

  6. Liked it a lot. Alastair Sim is one of my favorite actors.

  7. A great movie, shows how great the English films were .A sure enjoyment ,sit down with a bowl of popcorn, a friend, and enjoy. 5 star

  8. Great little movie…great plot full of twists all the way to the end…gotta love the talented George Cole’s effort as ‘Ronnie’the street wise kid from London entertaining!
    Good one B n W movies

  9. Brilliant cast good plot enjoyable viewing no blood and guts swearing and car stunts a good story

  10. Mrs. Barringtons comedic banter is top rate. Talking to know one in particular in front of the cottage, as quests arive.

  11. Excellent movie; well done! The English really know how to do it. A wartime espionage whodunit with many characters interacting. That really takes some writing. Sterling performances by the entire cast. Ten stars to the Brits for this one. I salute you! Thanks to Mr. bnw for bringing us this one.

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