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Two Americans, Iris and Miss Froy, meet in a train going through central Europe. In the beginning of the film a folk singer…

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Genre: British, Comedy, Mystery, Romance, Thriller.

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  • Summary:   Two Americans, Iris and Miss Froy, meet in a train going through central Europe. In the beginning of the film a folk singer sings a song which Miss Froy seems to be interested in. The singer is silenced before he finishes the song. Miss Froy disappears and the rest of the passengers on the train tell Iris that the old lady never existed. Iris starts to investigate... watch the movie to find out whether Iris is crazy or not and what happened to Miss Froy.
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   British, Comedy, Mystery, Romance, Thriller
  • Directed by:   Alfred Hitchcock
The Lady Vanishes (1938) The Lady Vanishes
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"The Lady Vanishes" (1938) Cast:

  • Basil Radford as Charters
  • Catherine Lacey as The Nun
  • Cecil Parker as Mr Todhunter
  • Charles Oliver as The Officer
  • Emile Boreo as Hotel Manager
  • Googie Withers as Blanche
  • Josephine Wilson as Madame Kummer
  • Kathleen Tremaine as Anna
  • Linden Travers as Mrs Todhunter
  • Margaret Lockwood as Iris Henderson
  • Mary Clare as Baroness
  • May Whitty as Miss Froy
  • Michael Redgrave as Gilbert
  • Naunton Wayne as Caldicott
  • Paul Lukas as Dr Hartz
  • Philip Leaver as Signor Doppo
  • Sally Stewart as Julie
  • Selma Vaz Dias as Signora Doppo


  1. I’ve just turned 18 and these movies are my absolute favourite! I agree that movies now are not a patch on them! You just can’t get the same feelgood, innocent humour anymore. Although, the hysterical women do grate on me a bit I did love this movie a lot!!

  2. Just brilliant.

  3. I’m happy that you like them! Keep watching the good stuff 😉

  4. Terrific.

  5. Thank you so much for making these wonderful old movies freely available! On a very limited income and they have become a much loved evening entertainment for my granddaughters and I. Your good efforts are deeply appreciated.

  6. Thanks Ellen, I’m happy that you’re finding the site useful 🙂

  7. Love this site. Great old westerns. Wish they had more B-westerns.

  8. Great movie. They don’t make like this anymore. Was that a Barrymore as a soldier shooting at the train?

  9. Sorry, I meant a Carradine shooting at the train.

  10. I enjoyed the movie immensely, Actually thought it was not in English in the beginning, I’m kind of a fan of these old time movies. Just think, this movie was completed and released a year before England was forced to declare War on Germany for it’s invasion of Poland, starting WWII in Europe. And this film shows the spirit of the British. Not until the film finished that when I read the bylines did I notice that “Lady Vanishes” was directed by Alfred Hitchcock. B n W movies Thank You for bringing these movies to the Internet and keep up the Great Work ! All the Best in your future.

  11. Thank you for the warm words Dale!

  12. I am from India and they just discontinued TCM here. I was heartbroken till I found this site. Thank you so much and please keep up the good work.

  13. I’m glad you are finding it useful Rakhi!

  14. The Lady Vanishes-Totally enjoyed …. Hitchcock’s movies are always great!

  15. Wonderful film. Eccentric but of its time with excellent acting. Enjoy.

  16. One of the great clasics

  17. This movie was so good. Great twists thought the story. Has a litle of everything which makes it enjoyable. I like a movie that I can walk away from feeling positively entertained. I’m having a tough time finding another one.

  18. A superb movie, in a superb, great to see British movie section, Thank You BNW

  19. So glad I found this website. This movie, has been my favorite. The two men are so seriously into their own world, it’s great so funny. And gotta love how one of the main characters deals with the leading lady at their first meeting. Couple of twists and fab ending.

  20. This can’t be but it is an Alfred Hitchcock and it is boring.

  21. Ok ! Enjoyed the acting & actors !

  22. a little slow to begin with but picks up…one of my favorite of hitchcocks great movie great acting 4-4 1\2 stars loved it …this is definitely my favourite site

  23. Great movie ~ thoroughly enjoyed it!
    Thank you.

  24. Very Good Movie, Thank You!

  25. I fell in love with TCM just after it came on the air and I have loved these old Black and White movies since then.
    Not all cable or satellite companies have TCM. If they do it’s in the highest package they have, so this great website, is a great find, it’s FREE.
    Thanks.please keep up the great work.

  26. I love BNW

  27. Lovely website!! So happy I found it!

  28. Love these old movies! So glad I stumbled across this site!

  29. I’m quite surprised that I didn’t like this movie.to be fair,the first hour was very good,but the last half hour was(i can’t believe I’m saying this)poorly directed,by the great alfred Hitchcock.it was like they just were no longer paying attention oh well we all have a bad day now and again mr. Hitchcock is certainly entitled.and as always thank you.

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