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Sammy Rice is a bomb disposal specialist who is working on defusing small explosive devises which the Germans are dropping on British shores….

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Genre: British, Drama, Romance, Thriller, War.

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  • Summary:   Sammy Rice is a bomb disposal specialist who is working on defusing small explosive devises which the Germans are dropping on British shores. The military are putting their faith in a man who has already lost one foot and is struggling with alcoholism. Can he still help his country or will the pain and frustration get the best of him?
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   British, Drama, Romance, Thriller, War
  • Directed by:   Michael Powell
Small Back Room (1949) Small Back Room
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"Small Back Room" (1949) Cast:

  • David Farrar - Sammy Rice
  • Kathleen Byron - Susan
  • Jack Hawkins - R.B. Waring
  • Leslie Banks - Colonel A.K. Holland
  • Michael Gough - Captain Dick Stuart
  • Cyril Cusack - Corporal Taylor
  • Milton Rosmer - Professor Mair
  • Walter Fitzgerald - Brine
  • Emrys Jones - Joe
  • Michael Goodliffe - Till
  • RenĂ©e Asherson - A.T.S. corporal
  • Anthony Bushell - Colonel Strang
  • Henry Caine - Sergeant Major Rose
  • Elwyn Brook-Jones - Gladwin


  1. This is a sophisticated film, quite romantic, but with a great deal of interesting cinematography and fairly complex dialogue.

  2. Yet another nice little film.

  3. a lovely film i like old b.w. films thank you

  4. This was an interesting movie. It didnt have a strong central story, many little individual story lines.

  5. Nice little movie. Not a strong central theme. Many little story lines.

  6. Love the b/w movies the best

  7. This slow paced but well acted movie is worth your while with a touch of romance,mixed with some nail biting scenes thanks for your survice

  8. Lovely film with a good cast

  9. Very good movie – a classic of its time, but I think it still works extremely well. The acting was perfect and the script was, too. Of course, Michael Powell knew how to direct like a pro.

  10. Marvelous enjoyed very much

  11. Excellent, we should believe in ourselves no matter, Father God will always help if we ask first, God gave us free will and that should mean men do not dominate, but work equally together.
    5 out of 5 starts.

  12. A superb film, well rounded in terms of personal tensions and the work of bomb disposal.

    It has that authenticity that is impossible to recreate, and makes this a rare journey into the past.

    It is that kind of film that rewards a second or third viewing.

    Prepare to cloak yourself in the atmosphere of war time Britain,

  13. Great b&w film with a great story and actors behind it. It made for a true treasure in cinematography- indeed.

  14. Excellent. Timeless. As long as there are politicians, a military, and a war, this movie will be an appropriate reflection. It matters not the countries or the time. This movie echoes the egos of men in war down through the centuries. Truly a masterpiece. Thank you.

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