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Jaap van Leyden runs a Dutch shipyard that is captured by the Nazi. They want him to make submarines for their fleet. Seeing…

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Genre: Drama, War.

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  • Summary:   Jaap van Leyden runs a Dutch shipyard that is captured by the Nazi. They want him to make submarines for their fleet. Seeing no other option, except suicide maybe, he agrees to help the Germans. His illusion of safety and security quickly fades away and allows him to see that other options do exists...
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Drama, War
  • Directed by:   Vernon Sewell
The Silver Fleet (1943) The Silver Fleet
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"The Silver Fleet" (1943) Cast:

  • Ralph Richardson - Jaap van Leyden
  • Googie Withers - Helène van Leyden
  • Beresford Egan - Krampf
  • Esmond Knight - Von Schiffer
  • Willem Akkerman - Willem van Leyden
  • Frederick Burtwell - Captain Müller


  1. One helluva great ww2 picture about life in Holland during the occupation. The story is exciting and quite literate. Richardson and Withers are 2 of my Brit favorites from that era. The variety of Nazi villains are typical – cold and calculating. Overall, as they say in those annoying tv ads you have my personal guarantee you will be quite pleased that you watched “The Silver Fleet.”
    It is an excellent movie.

  2. One of the very best WW2 movies of the 1940s.

  3. excellent movie about scum sucking nazi

  4. Excellent film.

  5. Christopher Myers

    Yes! Freedom will live as long as people are prepared to die for it. I guest conducted the Kent State University Orchestra three years ago and my selection was “La Marseillaise” in memory of all the European resistance fighters who risked all and died to thwart the Nazi occupiers. That’s what this wonderful film is about; devotion to freedom. Thank you for providing this film as a reminder to everyone that freedom has its price and that millions have paid the ultimate price to maintain it fo those they left behind.

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