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Harwood is an American detective who is called to help solve a case involving series of train wrecks in Britain.

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Genre: British, Thriller.

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  • Summary:   Harwood is an American detective who is called to help solve a case involving series of train wrecks in Britain.
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   British, Thriller
  • Directed by:   Albert de Courville
Seven Sinners (1936) Seven Sinners
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"Seven Sinners" (1936) Cast:

  • Edmund Lowe - John Harwood
  • Constance Cummings - Caryl Fenton
  • Thomy Bourdelle - Monsieur Paul TurbĂ©
  • Henry Oscar - Axel Hoyt
  • Felix Aylmer - Sir Charles Webber
  • Joyce Kennedy - Elizabeth Wentworth
  • O. B. Clarence - Registrar
  • Mark Lester - Chief Constable
  • Allan Jeayes - Heinrich Wagner
  • Anthony Holles - Reception Clerk
  • David Horne - Hotel Manager
  • Edwin Laurence - Guildhall Guide
  • James Harcourt - Vicar


  1. Far above average early movie, with sassy dialogue & some nice plot twists which still have the power to surprise… Think of ‘The 39 Steps’ or ‘The Lady Vanishes’. Deserves better recognition!

  2. Seriously funny !

  3. If your looking for a movie to entertain. You for an hour or so,this might be it. Thanks!!

  4. Great movie. Worth several veiwings.

  5. Good Show

  6. Delightful! Thank you for these wonderful black and whites! Those were the days.

  7. Lacking in final theater scene. Rushed villain demise. Probably due to budgetary constraints. Excellent specimen of prewar jitters in Europe.

  8. A wonderful example of early British cinematic excellency. Constance Cummings was a real jewel! I am still chuckling at her poker-faced clever little cutting remarks that she put over so well. Thanks, Mr. bnw, whomever and wherever you are.

  9. Christopher Myers

    Agree with D. Leinbach re final theater scene. I had to watch it a couple times.
    Lowe and Cummings were an excellent pairing for this film, with a good back-up cast. A good 1936 theme. Some funny moments here and there. Andy’s “Seriously funny” comment nails it!

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