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Wilson is given the task to find an infamous Nazi named Franz Kindler. He decides to let one of Kindler’s men, Meinike, escape from…

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Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller.

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  • Summary:   Wilson is given the task to find an infamous Nazi named Franz Kindler. He decides to let one of Kindler's men, Meinike, escape from capture hoping that he'll go directly to Kindler and give away his location. And it's a great plan until Meinike learns that he's being followed and decides to do something about it...
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Drama, Mystery, Thriller
  • Directed by:   Orson Welles
The Stranger (1946) The Stranger
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"The Stranger" (1946) Cast:

  • Orson Welles - Franz Kindler
  • Edward G. Robinson - Mr. Wilson
  • Loretta Young - Mary Longstreet Rankin
  • Philip Merivale - Judge Adam Longstreet
  • Richard Long - Noah Longstreet
  • Konstantin Shayne - Konrad Meinike
  • Byron Keith - Dr. Jeffrey Lawrence
  • Billy House - Mr. Potter
  • Martha Wentworth - Sara


  1. This movie is great! Wells is such a master storyteller and the production quality is only matched by other of his films. I recommend this film to everyone.

  2. Buzz of the Orient

    As a big fan of Orson Welles, I was very pleased to watch this movie for the first time. As well, Robinson and Young added their skills well. I found an interesting aspect in the story told by Welles about the woman standing up in the boat and falling over and Welles not able to rescue her. It is the same scenario as in Dreiser’s “American Tragedy”, adapted to film in “A Place in the Sun”. I believe there were some other familiar scenarios with other movies as well.

  3. Grateful fan, Japan

    I enjoyed this movie. The acting was good, and the story credible, just a few things seemed a bit too strange.

  4. Old school movie fan

    Excellent movie, Eddie g is the man,Welles absolutely fascinating, Loretta young,I love that woman,thanks for making these movies available,much Appreciated!

  5. Enjoyed this movie so much, can’t beat a great story and great acting,,,,

  6. This is a great movie , has great actors and a great story line. you will never see this kind of moviesvtoday

  7. Thank you for this site!!!!

  8. Loved the movie – problem with download convestion — Microsoft does not recognise the format

  9. Hi Brutus, you could try to download the file named The_Stranger.MPEG. It should be recognized by Windows and it would also have the best quality.

  10. david connally

    a very good movie,they don’t make them like that anymore…..I love your website.

  11. Great suspense! Wonderful cast and the great shadow camera work of director
    Orson Wells. Loved it!! thanx, Bob forde

  12. Very Good…Enjoyed

  13. Great thriller and what a line up of stars , pure genius.

  14. alexander modenos

    I never tire of this flick

  15. great movie. what about Night Has A Thousand Eyes 1948 Edward G Robinson

  16. Great story Edward G is the best!

  17. Thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Takes me back to Sunday afternoon BBC 2 when I watched as a child…indoor aerial wafted around till we got a decent picture on our Radio Rentals tv!!

  18. great movie. gripping.

  19. What a great movie,Edward g was as good as always..and what can I say about the geniuses of Orson welled the truth will always prevail

  20. I think that these old time movies are the greatest films that were ever produced! They don’t make them like..these’anymore folks!??

  21. I saw it many years ago,it’s as good now as it was then.However,the movie suggests incorrectly that Nazis were tracked down and brought to justice after the war.Most of them were not.

  22. That’s quite a yarn, well told. You’ll have to excuse my cynicism, but Harr Kindler made the mistake of not going into rocketry. I guess one has to be older to understand that comment. Thanks for all the time and effort you expend on all the wonderful trips down memory lane you provide.

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