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Dr. Robert Morgan is a lonely survivor of a plague that infected the world’s population, killing everyone and turning the dead into zombies….

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Genre: Action, Drama, Horror, Sci-fi, Thriller.

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  • Summary:   Dr. Robert Morgan is a lonely survivor of a plague that infected the world's population, killing everyone and turning the dead into zombies. Morgan locks himself in his home at night and kills vampires during the day. He believes he is the only survivor until one day he sees a girl who runs away from him. If this sounds familiar, it's because this movie is based on the same book as Will Smith's I Am Legend.
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Action, Drama, Horror, Sci-fi, Thriller
  • Directed by:   Ubaldo Ragona
The Last Man on Earth (1964) The Last Man on Earth
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"The Last Man on Earth" (1964) Cast:

  • Vincent Price - Dr. Robert Morgan
  • Franca Bettoia - Ruth Collins
  • Emma Danieli - Virginia Morgan
  • Giacomo Rossi-Stuart - Ben Cortman
  • Umberto Raho - Dr. Mercer
  • Christi Courtland - Kathy Morgan
  • Antonio Corevi - the Governor
  • Ettore Ribotta - the TV Reporter


  1. This site good because downloads are free

  2. The movie expresses many themes about homosapians or mankind. Our mortality as a species can
    Easily be destroyed, as Dinosaurs, who once roamed the Earth. We are as vulnerable to germs and
    Disease, as all mammals and the plant kingdom, as well.
    Socialogical studies, should also, be studied. Here, the movie emphasizes, that humans, are social
    animals, the desire for Dr. Morgan, to have a companion, even a stray dog, indicates Man’s need for
    Companionship, it expresses the point, that man desires self worth, and that he cannot live, unless
    He or she, are recognized, by others, of his own species.
    The ending, expresses, evolution, of how one species survives through adaptation, rather than death.
    Finally, the evolutionary trait of survival of the fitiest, prevails, as the last man on earth, is eventually
    Killed. I enjoyed this film, very well…. It still compels me to think, about our struggle to survive…
    Gary A. Andersen

  3. Gary, I think your analysis is one of the best comments this site has seen so far! Thank you for sharing your opinion!

  4. I’m loving this website and all the wonderful films

  5. It looks like this is the first film version of the novel.
    Very well done it is too.
    Strangely the low quality of the condition of the film adds to the aesthetic effect.
    Why do they keep remaking films and ‘improving’ nothing?

  6. Unfortunately improving doesn’t make them money. Remaking does =)

  7. Also is the same for The Omega Man…. with the acting genius… Charlton Heston….. better off staying with the NRA.

  8. where is the download for Last Man on Earth with Vincent Price?

  9. I apologize but there is no download link available at this time.

  10. can anyone pls tell me the meaning or significance of the title I AM LEGEND?

  11. Based on the book, the last person is a legend – the last of its kind. Just as how zombies are a legend now, in the book they are the only race left and the last human is a legend that zombies might tell their kids about.

  12. How do you download, I don’t understand.

  13. great movies i like them all, thanks

  14. Classic performance. Fun to see the progression from this to Omega man to I am Legend. The first 2 making more of a commentary on the new world orders.

  15. This is an excellent website. Thanks

  16. “This movie is effectively scary; espe-
    with Vincent Price as the ‘hero’ of
    sorts. I’m glad to have this website
    to choose from, as I (naturally) love
    classic movies, and various genres.”

  17. The Movies Are Fantastic And The Site, From The Best Ones!

  18. Looked for movies from my childhood. I had a hard time finding this one, but I was not disapointed.

  19. I love to watch old movies course it bring back memberre

  20. this is like the father of the walking dead series. Very good acting by mr price

  21. Great movie Thank you.

  22. How do you download? This is a great site!! Thanks so much for your time, and for allowing people to watch old movies for free!!

  23. Movie was a little slow but I dig V.Price so glad I saw it.

  24. How do I download?

  25. There is no download button/link for this movie.

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