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Four Chaplin movies from 1917. Includes The Adventurer, The Cure, Easy Street and The Immigrant!

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Genre: Comedy.

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  • Summary:   Four Chaplin movies from 1917. Includes The Adventurer, The Cure, Easy Street and The Immigrant!
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Comedy
  • Directed by:   Charles Chaplin
Charlie Chaplin Festival (1938) Charlie Chaplin Festival
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  1. Thanks

  2. thank you very much. what a great site you have keep up the great work

  3. Super

  4. toooooo…good

  5. I still remember how I laughed the first time I watched these…

  6. all time great.hilarious as well as poignant.

  7. awesome

  8. Very funny, but so dark. I’d like to see the rest of it but just not right now. Thanks.

  9. It has to be rated as one of the finest movies ever
    Shown. The characters were superb especially the Gal with the suitcase hidden under her dress.
    The movies shown nowadays are for Morons with
    Very low IQs and time on their hands. You can tell
    Who they are by watching them eat the food they snuck into the Theater with. Yuck, you gotta be
    Awful hungry to eat Cat Litter. And when they pull out the pillow you know they are going to sleep here because they are Homeless……

  10. His bathing suit drove me crazy. Then he drank instead of playing the piano. That was even worse.

  11. Good comedy actor in all world

  12. Oh! Very comedy actor . I Like this actor.

  13. funniezt of….all

  14. i am a great fan of charlie chaplin. i like his movies very much.

  15. Chesco christopher

    You are a very good person

  16. Charlie chaplin film send please

  17. i have like all type of comedy but charle chaplin comedy most fevoraite…..

  18. Charlie is a very funny and lovely man. I love charlie chaplin

  19. I like charlie Chaplin movies very much from my childhood so I want my kids also watching charlie Chaplin movies they asked to me about Charlie movies please down load comedy movies on my endroid phone for my children

  20. He is all time great actor. he works hard to make laugh us.

  21. Top comedian

  22. Charlie Chaplin was a genius,with a heart and this being the first time I’ve watched him in a long time I see other greats who have copied him in certain ways ernie kovacs-benny hill to name a couple and his nemesis reminded me a little of pop eyes nemesis Pluto.thanks for letting me witness a genius once again

  23. This movie it is very good and charlie chaplin act character and of cause he is a character

  24. I have been watching Charlie Chaplin film ever since 70s when I was a kid. What I personally discovered in his films was that no matter how sorrowful you are, watching his film will makes you laugh away your sorrow. Even if you’re crying before and you mistakely jam or come acrossed any of his film you must surely bust into laughter, for always makes people feel aways with his action. In fact I really miss the sorrowful drug to happiness Mr Charlie Chaplin. RIP

  25. Charlie Chaplin was a genius

  26. Funniest commedian ever ” charlie chaplin”

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