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A young Puerto Rican is accused of murdering his father. Being convicted would earn him the death sentence. Everything is at stake, his…

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Genre: Drama.

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  • Summary:   A young Puerto Rican is accused of murdering his father. Being convicted would earn him the death sentence. Everything is at stake, his fate depends on what happens in a small room where members of the jury are either passionately arguing about their beliefs and reasoning or eagerly waiting to get leave the room as fast as possible, before they miss tonight's baseball game...
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Drama
  • Directed by:   Sidney Lumet
12 Angry Men (1957) 12 Angry Men
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  1. a masterpiece… should be projected to all lawyers or judges before they graduate. perfect play, very intense, not one moment without interest. To be watched!

    never ever knew sidney lumet made such a movie.

  2. A great film I saw it years ago and it

    stands the test of time. thank you

  3. A classic!Henry Fonda was in his element,playing the reasonable Rveryman.

  4. Mary Ames and sister

    I agree with all previous comments.
    Thoroughly enjoyable.
    Fine drama portrayed by excellent cast.
    All roles expertly cast and all cast played the roles as intended…no improvising…how nice.
    Proper pronunciation and use of the English language. how nice.
    Profanity not used to make a point…how nice.
    Thank you for making it available.
    Everyone always clothed…how nice

  5. Teach ethics in modele school. Often organize eorkshops in class. We watched this film and student put perfect q qustions and very creativ thinking. I sad autorice.
    Fonda – genius.

  6. This has always been one of my favourite films of all time.
    Seen it so often that I almost know the next line that’s coming up.
    What can I say…..
    Excellent Cast
    Superb Direction
    Great Story
    Brilliantly acted…….
    I can’t think of any other superlatives for this movie, except if you have’nt yet seen it WATCH IT NOW!!
    If you have seen it watch it again.
    Sidney Lumet’s direction builds the tension remarkably well.
    The film is much more atmospheric through being in Black and White.
    The modern colour version is rubbish in comparison. Why oh why do, film makers persist in remaking masterpieces.
    Get yourself a drink and something to eat and sit back and ENJOY !!

  7. I am in tears watching this, I’ve heard the name from the remake, was privileged to see this first… I mean yes! this is a masterpiece, and Lumet did this? wow… didn’t know and is proof enough he was a master of his art way back… speechless, a must watch…

  8. Great drama, I wonder how many times that really happens ?

  9. A great drama full of wonderful actors.

  10. This was great.

  11. Excellent! Great acting, powerful stuff, makes you think.

  12. What an awesome piece of work. 12 men locked up in a room for an hour-and-a-half, yet it keeps you engaged the entire time. It was a joy to experience. Anyone who enjoys drama should watch this movie. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  13. Thank you for the movie 🙂

  14. The HD made it even more of a pleasure to see it again.

  15. Wonderful movie. Almost old enough to know of most all of the actors. Characterizations brilliant & consistent.

  16. A good quality movie. Excellent cast of actors who played their parts realistically! It kept me riveted to every moment. Worth watching!

  17. very good

  18. one of the great films that think

  19. Very helpful to go back and analyze this for a class project. Thank you!

  20. A wonderful movie with great acting. This movie stands a test of time

  21. This is one of the best movies I have ever watched. Excellent piece of work.
    The cast is well-organised and chosen. The Directing team did amazing job. 12 men are locked in one room for about two hours and you don’t get bored by watching them discussing staff and bringing arguments to prove their side.
    The most interesting part was, when people who had zero interest in accident try to decide the future of one boy, who is not guilty maybe.
    They don’t actually care about events and facts. They base their arguments on feelings and emotions.
    The movie clearly shows that one person with diverse opinion and another point of view can change the situation and give people different angle to watch from.
    In order to live unique and die as unique person, we need to live our live as personality. We need to have our own opinion, which may be different from the pinion of community. We need to find courage to speak up and get credits.
    Being individual is the greatest achievement for human being.

  22. Awesome movie you must see it. It’s quite interesting

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