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Renfield is hired by Count Dracula of Transylvania to arrange the renting of the Carfax Abbey in England. After being drugged up with…

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Genre: Horror.

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  • Summary:   Renfield is hired by Count Dracula of Transylvania to arrange the renting of the Carfax Abbey in England. After being drugged up with wine, Renfield is bitten by Dracula and they are soon off on their trip to England. Watch Dracula to find out what horrifying events will occur on the way and later in London.
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Horror
  • Directed by:   Tod Browning
Dracula (1931) Dracula
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"Dracula" (1931) Cast:

  • Bela Lugosi - Count Dracula
  • Dwight Frye - Renfield
  • Helen Chandler - Mina
  • David Manners - John Harker
  • Edward Van Sloan - Van Helsing
  • Herbert Bunston - Dr Seward
  • Frances Dade - Lucy


  1. tracy lavallee

    hope its good

  2. the added music was ridiculous and unnecessary , ruining the tension
    I suggest you use a different source

  3. verry good movie its an old movie witch i like the most thanks.

  4. I may never finish watching Dracula. Each time I start to I forget that if you back it up the movie starts over and you can’t return to your place argh!

  5. Try now 😉 All fixed!

  6. This version is terrible. This is the one with the new sound track to it.
    The music has nothing to do with the movie.
    It’s like your watching Dracula with the stereo playing in the other room and you just want to tuen it off so you can enjoy the movie.

  7. You’re right Dave, unfortunately I don’t think there is another source for this movie. I hope you’ll find other movies on the site that will be more enjoyable!


    Yavor @ Bnwmovies.com

  8. It was a very good movie from the past. I am a collector, and a lover of the old movies. Thank you

  9. Great movie

  10. interesting movies I would like to know how long it took o be filmed and how much it cost to make?

  11. Thank you so much for the movie. I absolutely loved watching this horror film and its good to see how the ideas of horror today got started with movies such as this film. I loved analyzing the talented actors and the directing style and was very informative for a class project. Good movie.

  12. I’m glad you liked it Lillian! Old movies always have their unique charm.

  13. Thought the insane actor was great , enjoyed this movie , for its time it was great !

  14. The greatest Dracula I have ever seen is Christoper lee.

  15. Good movie! I love old movies, but specially (Horror). Thanks “bnwmovies.com” for these excellent movies that you have here.

  16. I’m glad you liked it everyone! There will be more to come!

  17. not a huge fan of old bnw movies, but i do love the old bnw horror films.. dracula was awesome.

  18. terrible ‘new’ soundtrack. ruins the movie. get the original.

  19. Very good movie and appreciate the site for giving all black and white movies free very good keep up..

  20. I’ve seen this movie both ways with the music and without the music…….
    I thought the music was top notch for this movie

  21. how do u download it??

  22. Please see the download instructions above – next to the red download button.

  23. Really, enjoyed the movie.hadn’t saw, it.since I was small….

  24. Wallace Lyverse

    It’s so sad.Why did somebody ruin this classic movie by adding a musical soundtrack!! Continual music was added to this movie as if it were a silent film and it absolutely spoils the movie. Doing this tampers with the original film makers artistic work, adding something they did not intend.Appalling. I hope this awful modified version can be eliminated and the original “Dracula” made available.

  25. Thanks bnw for all your hard work — Great film. So glad this site exists. I’ll keep watching!

  26. Thanks Gabz. Not all the movies on this site are in good shape but the fact that they are still here after so many years is pretty amazing.

  27. Hello, I was so disappointed to see that the version of Dracula available here is with the added insipid and distracting musical score, which is not the original version. You can get the original version, sans music. We have a two disc set that includes the original (no music), plus The Road to Dracula (a fascinating documentary), as well as the Spanish version (also interesting). I think viewers would enjoy the original version without the cheesy score. I otherwise am enamoured with your site. Thank you for all you do.

  28. Hi Annelise, it sounds like you have a premium copy that you’ve purchased from a vendor. Not all copies can be legally shared but I will look for another one again and see if I can find something better.

  29. Wow so much complaining. It’s a FREE movie, just watch it and be grateful or go buy the copy you want. I love this site.

  30. They completely ruined this classic movie with that dumba** background music. Some things need to be left alone – like this.

  31. I was a kid when this movie was made and remember sitting in the front row of the balcony at the theatre. It’s been chopped up and changed a lot since then but, no matter what they do to this great movie, the quality still shines through.

  32. Even with the annoying music it’s great to watch.
    Just love the old B&W horror movies.

  33. Graet oldie eat oldie but quality of [pic mot too good.

  34. alexander modenos

    Like the Philip Glass as well.

  35. ruth hildenbrandt

    loved it. i didnt need sound. hale bela.

  36. Liked the soundtrack. Speaking of Art, it seemed to shine a strange new light on the melodrama. Seen the original many times, ad nauseam really, and to be honest I thought it was a bit stiff and creaky in places. This offbeat sound insinuates a more subtle hypnotic tension, softening the sheer blackness of the tale, which I always saw as terminal. Enjoyed the flick, thanks.

  37. Thank you so much for uploading this Universal horror classic. All of the actors were top notch. I’m a HUGE Dwight Frye fan, and I was wondering if you have any of his other movies on tap. He was such a gifted actor. Professionally trained for the Broadway stage, he is a talent as Renfield. Would you have any of his other films in other genders as well? One of many that I would loved to see featured her is Shadows, The Maltese Falcon, Fast Company, and ANYTHING else that you could find him in. THank you once again Black and White movies, for your dedication and love for old black and white films.

  38. I’ve been buying B&W movies on Blu-Ray & DVD lately, watching older films for the first time. Many have good stories, great performances, and look fantastic. Nice to see others appreciate them here.

    Thanks for the opportunity to enjoy a varied selection for free preview before I buy. Other titles here may be difficult to find and own on disc.

  39. um i think it is a very horrible movie cause the music and the characters do not fit in only Dracula does and the story sucks

  40. Van Helsing, For a man that has lived but one short life time….you know to much!

    One of the finest classics of all time. No modern tech., just emotion. This was great acting for the time 1931.

  41. I wish they would leave classics alone. I appreciated that Benicio Del Toro, did a remake of The Wolfman, as a fan.But it was a shitty movie. There are still too many of us that remember the original with Lon Chaney, the remake was so bad it pissed me off for him even going there. The same with the Honeymooners, they remade it into a movie with an all black cast, really? It was a flop. Little Rascals look at the shitty job there. Popeye, The Flintstones. All had shitty remakes. Dracula, a classic that a lot of actors through out the years tried filling Bela Lugosi’s cape but no way. The only one who came close to the real book was the original with Lugosi.

  42. To the guy that was annoyed by the classical music in the old music what did you want to hear with it U2, We can tell you are not a fan or even know anything about old black and white movie and I suggest that you stop sending folks somewhere else and stay out of this site with old movies and a lot of the music we love because it goes with the movie and a lot of music that you do not like. A Dieu

  43. Hey, Maxwell, you ungrateful ugly dude move on we don’t need ungrates here getting something free and still complaining. I can imagine the man you are. You know nothing about black and white old movies. go back to stupid today’s movies you understand more. A Revoir

  44. Can hear the sounds too low

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