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A must watch romantic story about love, marriage and affairs in New York. Leading the way are Anna, who’s husband is often away…

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Genre: Drama, Romance.

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  • Summary:   A must watch romantic story about love, marriage and affairs in New York. Leading the way are Anna, who's husband is often away on business, and Frank - a married milk collector. Even though Anna's neighbors are frequently gossiping about her and Frank, some of them might be having affairs of their own... What will prevail? Remaining true to your chosen one or  enjoying the trill of a secret relationship?
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Drama, Romance
  • Directed by:   King Vidor
Street Scene (1931) Street Scene
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"Street Scene" (1931) Cast:

  • Walter Miller - Mr. Bert Easter
  • Sylvia Sidney - Rose Maurrant
  • William Collier Jr. - Sam Kaplan
  • Estelle Taylor - Mrs. Anna Maurrant
  • Beulah Bondi - Emma Jones
  • David Landau - Mr Frank Maurrant
  • Matt McHugh - Vincent Jones
  • Russell Hopton - Steve Sankey
  • Greta Granstedt - Mae Jones
  • Eleanor Wesselhoeft - Marguerite Fiorentino
  • Allan Fox - Dick McGann
  • Nora Cecil - Alice Simpson
  • Walter James - Marshal James Henry
  • Max Montor - Abe Kaplan
  • T.H. Manning - George Jones
  • Conway Washburne - Danny Buchanan
  • John Qualen - Karl Olsen
  • Ann Kostant - Shirley Kaplan
  • Adele Watson - Olga Olsen
  • Lambert Rogers - Willie Maurrant
  • George Humbert - Filippo Fiorentino
  • Helen Lovett - Laura Hildebrand
  • Richard Powell - Officer Harry Murphy


  1. What do you press to get film to start, many thanks

  2. Usually by clicking the play button in the middle of the video window. Sometimes, however, I have noticed that the server which hosts the video files gets overloaded and pushing that play button doesn’t start the movie. If that happens just wait a few minutes, refresh the page and try again.

  3. Would have been nice to have had a few interior sequences, but it still was an absorbing movie.

  4. Great movie and movies. I have been watching black and white and compared to today’s movies is unreal how bad movies are today. But how can you tell this to the world or how can you make the inexperienced wise? They want to see what they have excepted.

  5. born in Lower Manhattan in ’33. Cinema Verite With a vengeance even to the El Station.

  6. This was like watching a Broadway play with fine acting and well written material.I liked it a lot!thanks yet again

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