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Lois Frazer is married to a rich gentleman, but cheats on him with a police lieutenant, Ed Cullen. She decides to divorce her…

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Genre: Drama.

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  • Summary:   Lois Frazer is married to a rich gentleman, but cheats on him with a police lieutenant, Ed Cullen. She decides to divorce her husband, but he'd make anything to make sure that doesn't happen. Lois thinks that her husbands is planning to murder her so she calls her lover, the lieutenant to the rescue. Her husband ends up dead and the murder case is assigned to Lois's lover, the lieutenant. Ed is now stuck between solving the case with along with his brother, who is new and strives for success, and making sure no one finds out that he's actually involved in the murder. Watch the movie to see the rest!
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Drama
  • Directed by:   Felix E. Feist
The Man Who Cheated Himself (1951) The Man Who Cheated Himself
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"The Man Who Cheated Himself" (1951) Cast:

  • Lee J. Cobb
  • Jane Wyatt
  • John Dall
  • Lisa Howard
  • Harlan Warde
  • Tito Vuolo
  • Charles Arnt
  • Marjorie Bennett


  1. In the Man Who Cheated Himself, Lois is the one with the money.
    She wants to divorce her husband because she believes he is only after her money.

  2. If you like a really good suspense-filled murder mystery, check out “The Man Who Cheated Himself.” The concentration is on story and characters, so there is not too much action. But, you will not be disappointed. This is an under-rated edge of seat thriller that includes a question mark ending. Acting is excellent with Jane Wyatt in an unusual role, Lee J. Cobb, as usual is excellent, as is John Dall. It has to do with brother cops and it is top notch.

  3. Loved it. Left you with an ambiguous ending, that makes you wonder. A good watch.

  4. A good movie. Watched it two different times. Lee j. Cobb is very true to his character, good actor makes you want him to succeed in the end.

  5. very good movie keeps you riveted from start to finish fine cast a classic movie

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