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Spellbound is a 1941 British drama that tells the story of a man who’s fiancee dies. The man cannot bear the thought that…

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Genre: British, Drama, Mystery, Romance, Thriller.

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  • Summary:   Spellbound is a 1941 British drama that tells the story of a man who's fiancee dies. The man cannot bear the thought that he will never see her again so he  seeks the help of a spiritualist to make contact with her spirit.
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   British, Drama, Mystery, Romance, Thriller
  • Directed by:   John Harlow
Spellbound (Ghost Story) (1941) Spellbound (Ghost Story)
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"Spellbound (Ghost Story)" (1941) Cast:

  • Derek Farr - Laurie Baxter
  • Vera Lindsay - Diana Hilton
  • Hay Petrie - Mr. Cathcart
  • Felix Aylmer - Mr. Morton
  • Frederick Leister - Mr. Vincent
  • Marian Spencer - Mrs. Stapleton
  • Diana King - Amy Nugent


  1. How do you get the picture to expand to full screen?I thinf the Icon of a Greek building has to do something,move to a diffrent spot.I LOVE this web site too.Thats why I ask.

  2. I’m glad switching to compatibility view worked for you!

  3. Great film ! Don’t make them like this anymore ! SHAME !

  4. really enjoyed the movie very good quality and sound , thank you

  5. wonderful movie….wrong plot summary.

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    download icon not available for “Spellbound” (1941. Please add or send. Thanks

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  9. It should be working now. Let me know if it’s still giving you trouble!

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  11. By the way BnW, this is the wrong cover for the movie “Spellbound”. The cover on this page is the Alfred Hitchcock movie. I got confused and argued with my bf about it, when we were both right, in a different way. THIS movie was released in the US as “Ghost Story” and ” The Spell of Amy Nugent”. Might want to put the proper cover, to avoid domestic quarrels…lol

  12. Good find BellaMia! This is now fixed. I also modified the title to hopefully not cause any more confusions =)

  13. How come there hasn’t been any new movies added lately. Love the site

  14. I haven’t had much time. I’ll continue adding movies soon.

  15. quite state of the art. I was impressed by the ghost hunters knowledge, More than those, was the don’t mess with spirts message

  16. Why can’t they make movies like that anymore.

  17. Throughly enjoyed!

  18. Unfortunately the audio was not that good but tolerable.the movie pretty much the same but good(for the most part) or bad. ((Very seldom) I have and always will be appreciative of all you do to bring us all this wonderful library of movies to watch.so thanks

  19. Interesting movie. There is ancient truth in the story.. the Bible teaches “perfect love casteth out fear”. Too bad more of the world does’nt know this.

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