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Caryl has decided to beat her boss, Enos, to embezzling funds from the firm she’s working at. She steals the bonds and sends…

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Genre: Action, Romance, Western.

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  • Summary:   Caryl has decided to beat her boss, Enos, to embezzling funds from the firm she's working at. She steals the bonds and sends them to her uncle's mountain cabin in Canada. Unfortunately for her, Enos knows what she did and is going to Canada, looking for the bonds. One mountain, a small fortune and several people who'd do anything to become rich...
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Action, Romance, Western
  • Directed by:   Bernard B. Ray
Caryl of the Mountains (1936) Caryl of the Mountains
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"Caryl of the Mountains" (1936) Cast:

  • Rin Tin Tin, Jr. - Rinty
  • Ralph Bushman - Sergeant Brad Sheridan
  • Lois Wilde - Caryl Foray
  • Josef Swickard - Jean Foray
  • Earl Dwire - Inspector Bradshaw
  • Robert Walker - Enos Colvin
  • George Chesebro - Constable Jim O'Brien
  • Ray Henderson - Constable Gary
  • Steve Clark - Captain Edwards


  1. this was a great movie, I really enjoyed it very much

  2. Excellent! Movie!

  3. Christopher Myers

    Made the year I was born. I wanted to be a mountie when I grew up. Perhaps it’s not too late! On, you huskies! Great movie; they always get their man!

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