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Ernest, rich lazy bachelor, makes a bet with his doctor James to see if he can live one year on his own income,…

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Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance.

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  • Summary:   Ernest, rich lazy bachelor, makes a bet with his doctor James to see if he can live one year on his own income, without using his parents' money. If he loses he will pay James a hefty sum! During the year he meets the beautiful Frances and has to either lose the bet or figure out how to support a woman and stay within his means. Which one will it be?
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Comedy, Drama, Romance
  • Directed by:   Alfred Zeisler
The Amazing Adventure (1936) The Amazing Adventure
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"The Amazing Adventure" (1936) Cast:

  • Cary Grant – Ernest Bliss
  • Mary Brian – Frances Clayton
  • Peter Gawthorne – Sir James Alroyd
  • Henry Kendall – Lord Honiton
  • Leon M. Lion – Dorrington
  • John Turnbull – Masters
  • Arthur Hardy – Crawley
  • Iris Ashley – Clare
  • Garry Marsh – The Buyer
  • Andreas Malandrinos – Guiseppi
  • Alfred Wellesley – Montague


  1. As usual,C.Grant gives a superb performance,even w/ the silliness of the script they gave him to work w/.since he’s one,if not my favorite of all classic actors,i admit, i’m biased.The film is a sort of pre “Sullivans Travels”,gye goes out on his own,meets a girl who doesn’t know his true idenity,but we, the audience do.With some rather unbelievable scenes Grants waltzes his way thru each one in his Cary Grant deboniair way,making it esp. intresting since i’d never heard of it.on a sacle of 1-5 i’d give it a 2.5 rating,and I am The Old Movie Expert Queen[on some things,ofcourse}Bring us some long lost W.C.FIELDS comedies.they’re never played on,nor is Fields given his due onTCM,only the standards.what about’MAN ON A FLYING TRAPEZE’or’TILLIE AN GUS’or’THE OLD-FASHIONED WAY’?Who owns the rights an why won’t they market them.TCM hasn’t played those movies mentioned since 2001!you may look that up.”THE AWFUL TRUTH’woulfd be great Grant/Dunne film,they best,one of the best ever.enuf from me,bye happy old movie fans.

  2. Didn’t really like this one.

  3. Loved Cary Grant who is my favorite…..in The Amazing Adventure…great movie….Grant at his best.

  4. This film is brilliant,probably for ages 50 onward,to get the flavor,this is one film we both enjoyed as light entertainment,cuddled up by the fire all we can say is don’t miss out.

  5. Great movie. They’re not two doctors, though.

  6. True true… that’s fixed!

  7. Loved the movie, excellent condition. That Cary Grant such a handsome guy. He melts my heart and make me dream of big possibilities. What a treasure to be able to share the old movies with our generation. Bless them for creating
    wonderful stories.

  8. OK, watched this movie for the 3rd time. Cary Grant is my favorite classic actor. The man knew how to act with an hint of silliness. And, looking good doing so. By today’s standard, another actor trying to do so, would look ridiculous and over the top. I have seen practically all of his movies. And I never get enough of it. Today’s men should take a cue from him on how to look so dapper. Thank you so much BnW. Keep’em coming!

  9. A very enjoyable movie. I’m glad i found it!!

  10. I liked the movie because I like Cary Grant but the story was weak.the premise was good ,but in my opinion his character didn’t suffer like you would think he would.he was just to happy through out being poor from the beginning on,but on the plus side ,the acting was fine.thanks once again

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