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Tailspin Tommy wants to turn a local bad kid into a good person. It looked like he succeeded when the boy helped him…

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Genre: Action, Adventure.

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  • Summary:   Tailspin Tommy wants to turn a local bad kid into a good person. It looked like he succeeded when the boy helped him out after he crashed his plane however the payroll that he carried might be a good enough reason for the boy's bad habits to prevail once again...
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Action, Adventure
  • Directed by:   Howard Bretherton
Danger Flight (1939) Danger Flight
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"Danger Flight" (1939) Cast:

  • John Trent - Tommy Tompkins
  • Marjorie Reynolds - Betty Lou
  • Milburn Stone - Skeeter
  • Jason Robards Sr. - Paul Smith
  • Tommy Baker - Whitey
  • Dennis Moore - Mike


  1. I saw the film before and I liked it now I am trying to download it

  2. good film

  3. Glad you liked it 😉 Did you watch D.O.A.?

  4. puck darlington

    LOve it !!Great film !Well done admin

  5. Just how do you download these movies? I see no help section at the website. I click on the download button and the page just keeps trying to connect. I can download movies from other websites, but not this one. Any help would be appreciated. Just post here and I will check back for answers, thanks

  6. You can right click the red download icon and choose “Save Target As” or “Save Link As”, depending on your browser. This will open a window which will ask you for the location where you want to save your file. Once the file has finished downloading (which takes some time since these are large files) you can double click in and watch the movie whenever you want! Let me know if this helps!



  7. Thanks for the download info, it works! I did not realize it took so long to download with broadband. Thanks for the website and thanks for the help!

  8. You are welcome! =)

  9. Great Film…enjoyed it!

  10. Gerald bertholl

    Great movie. You guys are awesome to make movies like this available AND free. Thanks.

  11. You’re welcome! “New” movies are added daily so keep visiting B&WMovies!

  12. Lots of fun. Super movie

  13. Good little movie.

  14. Great little movie. felt like a kid again watching those old planes.

  15. I enjoyed watching this movie!

  16. Good Movie. Audio And Video Are Decent.

  17. the movie was pretty cheesey, but we did laugh all the way through

  18. Thank you so much. Astonishing. Time machine. Priceless

  19. Christopher Myers

    My memory of Tailspin Tommy goes back to the 1940s. Perhaps comic strip or comic book or Big Little Book or movie serial. Hard to say. I did see this movie somewhere in the last few years on TV. It’s always good to see the crooks get their comeuppance! Was glad to see the movie again.

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