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Colt’s father is killed. Colt kills the men that killed him and runs off to join the outlaw Wolf and his gang. Eventually…

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Genre: Action, Western.

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  • Summary:   Colt's father is killed. Colt kills the men that killed him and runs off to join the outlaw Wolf and his gang. Eventually Wold decides to turn himself in and gives his old ranch to Colt, who leaves the gang to become a farmer. Wolf's old gang gets and new leader and start to terrorize the locals once again. Colt realizes that the only way to stop them is to free Wolf and stand up against the gang together with him. Question is, can he do it?
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Action, Western
  • Directed by:   Sam Newfield
Arizona Gunfighter (1937) Arizona Gunfighter
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"Arizona Gunfighter" (1937) Cast:

  • Bob Steele as Colt Ferron ("The Arizona Gunfighter")
  • Jean Carmen as Beth Lorimer
  • Ted Adams as Wolf Whitson / Pop Whittaker
  • Ernie Adams as Grizzly Barr
  • Lew Meehan as Snake Bralt
  • Steve Clark as Sheriff
  • John Merton as Farley


  1. I just wanted to say that you spelled gang with a b instead of a g. I really dont have any room to talk I couldnt spell mud if I had a mouth full of it. I just happen to see it. Thank you for all the movies. These are real movies. Not like a lot of the c&^*( thats out there today.

  2. Good catch! Thank you for the feedback and for the kind words! Happy Holidays!

  3. super old film, thank you

  4. I love old cowboy movies, and it was one of the best i have ever seen and i am 80 years old

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