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Gravis owns a flower shop on Los Angeles’ skid row… he barely gets any business until his employee, Seymour, creates a cross-bred plant…

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Genre: Comedy, Horror.

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  • Summary:   Gravis owns a flower shop on Los Angeles' skid row... he barely gets any business until his employee, Seymour, creates a cross-bred plant which becomes a major attraction in the surrounding neighborhoods. Gravis and Seymour love the increased business they are getting but it tuns out that the plant has an appetite for a very specific type of food and won't stay alive unless it gets it.
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Comedy, Horror
  • Directed by:   Roger Corman
The Little Shop of Horrors (1960) The Little Shop of Horrors
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"The Little Shop of Horrors" (1960) Cast:

  • Jonathan Haze - Seymour Krelboyne
  • Jackie Joseph - Audrey Fulquard
  • Mel Welles - Gravis Mushnick
  • Dick Miller - Burson Fouch
  • Myrtle Vail - Winifred Krelboyne
  • Karyn Kupcinet - Shirley
  • Toby Michaels - Shirley's friend
  • Leola Wendorff - Mrs. Siddie Shiva
  • Lynn Storey - Mrs. Hortense Fishtwanger
  • Wally Campo - Detective Sergeant Joe Fink/Narrator
  • Jack Warford - Detective Frank Stoolie
  • Meri Welles - Leonora Clyde
  • John Shaner - Dr. Phoebus Farb
  • Jack Nicholson - Wilbur Force


  1. CLASSIC!!!

  2. Spent a rainy day waching this . I had only seen the newer version,wih music. I had a great time & watched it twice. Now I,m going to watch the new one.great site 4 shutins & terminals. I’m so glad to have found it thankyou.Bruce

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