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Real estate agent Hutter wants to sell a house (which stands right next to his own house) to Count Orlok. He visits the…

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Genre: Horror, Mystery.

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  • Summary:   Real estate agent Hutter wants to sell a house (which stands right next to his own house) to Count Orlok. He visits the Count's castle in Transylvania to finish the deal, which goes well, but he also finds many disturbing things while in it. Count Orlok becomes interested in Hutter's wife. See how the story will unfold in this mysterious horror movie, Nosferatu.
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Horror, Mystery
  • Directed by:   F. W. Murnau
Nosferatu (1922) Nosferatu
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"Nosferatu" (1922) Cast:

  • Max Schreck - Count Orlok
  • Gustav von Wangenheim - Thomas Hutter
  • Greta Schröder - Ellen Hutter
  • Alexander Granach - Knock
  • Georg H. Schnell - Harding
  • Ruth Landshoff - Annie
  • John Gottowt - Professor Bulwer
  • Gustav Botz - Professor Sievers
  • Max Nemetz as The Captain of The Empusa
  • Wolfgang Heinz as First Mate of The Empusa
  • Heinrich Witte as guard in asylum
  • Guido Herzfeld as innkeeper
  • Karl Etlinger as student with Bulwer
  • Hardy von Francois as hospital doctor
  • Fanny Schreck as hospital nurse


  1. I downloaded the movie but the quality is not good at all. Watched some minutes of it online and noticed it has batter quality than the downloaded one. Why is it so?

  2. The downloads are mainly for people whose connection is too slow for streaming to work properly. Thus the downloadable files are small and their lower quality is a side effect from the size. I’ll try to add two options for each movie – one for high speed internet and one for low speed. Thanks for the feedback!

  3. The online Nosferatu and downloaded one seem not to be the same! The online movie has English intertitles and its quality is way better, and nobody is out there to tell something about it. Not knowing German I’d prefer to download the version having English intertitles…BTW, does anybody know where I can download ” The Student of Prague”?

  4. Thanks for explanation..but I downloaded “The Ghost Train” too and the quality was quite good.

  5. I just updated the download link. The German version was not supposed to be linked from this page. The new download link will take you to a page that lists all downloads for the English version. Make sure to get all parts (1-5) of the file type you choose. Thanks again for helping to improve the site!

  6. Aguinaldo Mendes da Silva

    Thank you so much. I am a black-and-white movies buff, and I am really enjoying this site. So far I’ve seen and shared three movies, and I think I’ll see them all.

  7. Murnau’s Masterpeice.

  8. Excelente pelicula!
    Sin duda, una de las mejores relacionadas con el tema de vampiros!
    Gracias por subirla :D!!
    Muy buena calidad!

  9. GOOD

  10. Amazing quality. Some of the best photography I have ever seen, beautifully reproduced. Clear, sharp pictures and text. Thank you.

  11. The scariest horror movie I’ve ever seen. Murnau makes John Carpenter, as good as he is, look amateurish.

  12. It’s definitely a great movie for a fun Friday night =)

  13. A very excellent old movie with loads of pagentry!!

  14. Fantastic. Thanks so much!

  15. the movie was interesting and seeing what horror movies where like decades ago is very interesting also.

  16. What can you say, this very old masterpiece just holds your attention from start to finish, and to think for years it was thought lost-destroyed, a younger generation has discovered a classic—just wonderful—the restoration of this movie is a joy to the eye–many thanks for the listing

  17. I am in love all over again. I remember watching films like this growing up with my mother and it just brings back so many wonderful memories.

  18. Classic, later a movie was made about this movie with John Malkovitch and Willem Dafoe as Orlock , its brilliant too , do seek it out….

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