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A documentary film based on the attacks of The Allies on several Japanese bases during World War II.

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Genre: War.

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  • Summary:   A documentary film based on the attacks of The Allies on several Japanese bases during World War II.
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   War
  • Directed by:   Robert Presnell Sr.
Attack! The Battle for New Britain (1944) Attack! The Battle for New Britain
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"Attack! The Battle for New Britain" (1944) Cast:

  • Leo Genn
  • Burgess Meredith
  • Anthony Veiller
  • Walter Krueger
  • Douglas MacArthur
  • Lloyd Nolan


  1. Beautiful, rarely available movies,

  2. captain kid is a good movie I like this type of war movies

  3. very good movie

  4. It is is important that the living never forget the sacrifices of those through whom sacrifice was service and whose sacrifice keeps us free. Hats off to the brave men and women of the past battles that give us the glorious gift of freedom.

  5. Great documentary, I loved it…..Tom

  6. Good to remember that we stopped a great threat to humanity–and that many died doing so. The movie did not shy away from showing something of the cost.

  7. The men who served during the second world war are truly heroes,everyone of them. I liked this short movie about the battle of New Britain,and it saddened me to see all those men who gave their all being laid to rest in some far away land.

  8. We thank the men who fought in that war and to those who lost their lives or families who lost their loved ones. I am from Papua New Guinea where the Battle of New Britain took place. We can’t imagine what would have happened to our country if the Japanese had won the war and occupied our land. Maybe we would not be the free democratic independent country that we are today. We thank God Almighty for sending the Americans, Australians, New Zealanders and others who fought to liberate our land.

  9. god bless my grandfather for what he went through for us and our freedom.

  10. least we forget
    they gave for freedoom untill year 2000 when another wars are fought at a cost off our brothers and fellow coalition troops against the evil we cannot see as the enemy wears no uniforms and acts of cowardance in there part when they use women and children driving by hatred .NOW I THINK GOD OR HOLINESS SHOULD TAKE OVER AND RID OFF SUCH PEOPLE OFF ANY AGE.

  11. Very good documentary, enjoyed.

  12. Great docco , i luv the old black and white films and i luv this site , keep up the fabulous work

  13. Love the real movie films. Everyone needs to learn our history and what men do in real combat. Thank you so much for keeping these type of films so that we can see what our fathers done before us.

  14. You don’t realise the hardships they went through until you watch footage like this, I know I could not have done it I am sure of that.
    This is a good education film and realistic enough to understand that war is a waste and only politicians get the full benefit by the deaths of ordinary people while they sit back and preach.

  15. Great military/social history documentary,film. Oh how I hope we never have to see those events again.

  16. Marines, almost invisible amid the undergrowth, advance through the swamp forest of New Britain, optimistically called damp flat on the maps they used.

  17. Dagua Aba papua new guinea

    Freedom comes after a lot of sacrifices
    Freedom comes after a blood is shed
    Freedom is earned at a cost of a life

    Men had sacrificed their lives and shed their blood to give us the freedom we have have today. I watched this movie with tears rolling in my eyes

  18. It is truly amazing what that generation went through we really owe a lot to them for our way of life that we take for granite today God bless their souls and may their legacy live on

  19. do not ever forget that in WW1 the soldiers were promised a pension. Who ordered the soldiers to fire at their parents who fought in WW1 in the streets of washington. Your own marines under the great leadership of douglas mcarthur. They were regarded “enemies of the state”.
    Your own great grandfathers.

  20. lest we forget,the suffering soldiers endure rain mud heat death.

  21. Very good historical footage,I believe there is no glory in war, I’m a former Marine,who never saw combat,but I know many who have my Battalion Commander at Parris Island,SC USMC Recruit Depot then LTC. Harvey Barnum earned the Medal of Honor in Vietnam has his interview on YouTube.

  22. Christopher Myers

    god? What kind of all-powerful, all-knowing, benevolent god would sit among the heavenly angels looking down and watching those whom he created in his image die screaming in the surf and the filth and the stink of death in the jungle? Cry for the military dead of all nations. Cry for the wounded in veterans’ hospitals. Cry for the mothers and fathers and wives and children and girlfriends they left behind knowing their loved ones are spending eternity in the dark danp ground of some far-off land they had never heard of. Where is thy god?

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