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Josephine is the girlfriend of a gangster who has many enemies. Nick is a new guy in town but when he sees that…

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Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Romance.

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  • Summary:   Josephine is the girlfriend of a gangster who has many enemies. Nick is a new guy in town but when he sees that several mugs are trying to kidnap her, he rushes to her rescue. Thankful that he didn't lose his girlfriend, the gangster hires Nick to work for him. On their first job together, Nick, Josephine and two mugs end up hiding in a small country town which offers them a new future... Every good thing, however,  requires hard work!
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Action, Adventure, Drama, Romance
  • Directed by:   Hamilton MacFadden
Escape By Night (1937) Escape By Night
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"Escape By Night" (1937) Cast:

  • William Hall - Nicholas Allen
  • Anne Nagel - Linda Adams
  • Dean Jagger - James Regan
  • Steffi Duna - Josephine Elliott
  • Ward Bond - Peter Baker
  • Murray Alper - Horace Graham
  • Charles Waldron - Pop Adams
  • George Meeker - Fred Peters
  • Wallis Clark - District Attorney Baldwin
  • Arthur Aylesworth - Sheriff Charlie Thornton
  • Anthony Warde - Mike Grayson


  1. It is always great to see Ward Bond before his Wagon Train days.

  2. Very good movie.

  3. i daily watch movies and found very good activity

  4. kindly add more movies of ul bryner, gregry peck victor mature , charton heston and other hit actors and actress of that time of black and white era

  5. Great site. Thanks.

    “Escape By Night” only plays for about ten minutes and then the elapsed time bar jumps all the way to the right and the show stops. I tried several times and got the same result. Is that something that can be corrected without too much trouble?

    Thank you.

  6. This is strange. It doesn’t do it to me but I have seen that before with some movies. It could be that your connection to the video server dropped and it just stopped loading. Please let me know if you are still seeing the same!

  7. Good movie about morality

  8. I quite liked this one real American corn…but a good movie just the same

  9. What a fun movie! I thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought it was going to be more action/suspense so I almost didn’t watch, yet was comedic as well, very delightful. Please keep these black and whites coming!

  10. very entertaining

  11. Rather mis-titled, I would say, but it moved right along and I hope they all lived happily ever after! There sure were a lot of people cranking out movies in the 1930s. Until the last year I really had no idea.

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