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With initial title “The Sunset Strip Case”, this movies is about Kathy, whose father has been murdered and the police investigation isn’t going…

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Genre: Drama, Mystery.

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  • Summary:   With initial title "The Sunset Strip Case", this movies is about Kathy, whose father has been murdered and the police investigation isn't going anywhere. She decides to take matters into her own hands and she is hoping to reach the right sources of information by posing as a stripper!
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Drama, Mystery
  • Directed by:   Louis J. Gasnier
Sunset Murder Case (1938) Sunset Murder Case
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"Sunset Murder Case" (1938) Cast:

  • Sally Rand - Kathy O'Connor
  • Esther Muir - Lora Wynne
  • Vince Barnett - Barney
  • Paul Sutton - Bapti Stephani
  • Lona Andre - Nita Madera
  • Mary Brodel - Jane Baird
  • George Douglas - Carlo Rossmore
  • Reed Hadley - Oliver Helton
  • Kathryn Kane - Penny Nichols


  1. Funny and entertaining. Loved Penny. Good movie.

  2. Great movie bit cornice

  3. Beautiful era , wonderful clothes, such elegance.

  4. A stripper in the 1930 that was bold.

  5. Just couldn’t get into this movie. Not for me.

  6. I LOVED this movie… I love this site! The only thing I am not sure of is what I am going to do when I have seen all the movies! Hope you add more!

  7. Christopher Myers

    Sally Rand, the famous fan dancer in the golden days of burleyque. Wonder how they got the bubble dance past the censors. Third rate attempt at a gangster movie. Rather clownish. It is what it is… bad…

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