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A Christmas story about a squirrel who steal money from the rich and gives to the poor!

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Genre: Christmas, Comedy.

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  • Summary:   A Christmas story about a squirrel who steal money from the rich and gives to the poor!
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Christmas, Comedy
  • Directed by:   Irving Pichel
The Great Rupert (1950) The Great Rupert
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"The Great Rupert" (1950) Cast:

  • Jimmy Durante as Mr. Louie Amendola
  • Terry Moore as Rosalinda Amendola
  • Tom Drake as Peter 'Pete' Dingle
  • Frank Orth as Mr. Frank Dingle
  • Sara Haden as Mrs.Katie Dingle
  • Queenie Smith as Mrs. Amendola
  • Chick Chandler as Phil Davis
  • Jimmy Conlin as Joe Mahoney
  • Rupert as Himself the Squirrel
  • Hugh Sanders as Mulligan
  • Don Beddoe as Mr. Haggerty
  • Candy Candido as Molineri - Florist
  • Clancy Cooper as Police Lt. Saunders
  • Harold Goodwin as Callahan - F.B.I. Man
  • Frank Cady as Mr. Taney - Tax Investigator


  1. I have always been an avid fan of the Black& White film, and ‘The Great Rupert’ is no exception. The film is a light hearted social and economical struggle of a poor family that come into money through an unexpected twist. I enjoyed watching the film and have to admit have never seen this move before now. The animal character that has human characteristics brings into the theme that anything is possible, and opens the story and finishes the story through a lucrative twist of equal good luck – I would recommend this film as it uplifts anyone who is having a difficult financial time at the moment!

  2. looks like a good movie but cannot watch because sound is too low.

  3. Good Movie!
    with a lot of Joy! wish movies today was made today! with such a character of heart.

  4. excellent

  5. very good family movie

  6. Its become one of my favorites to watch at Christmas. Love it!

  7. If only the world was this way…but sometimes it is…merry everyday!!!!

  8. Love this film and this website.
    I can always find a film to watch to lift my spirits.
    I have watched films on this website all over the world.
    This film is a favourite I love the little squirrel and
    Jimmy Durrante,
    As far as poor sound I plug my iPad into a dab radio and can put the volume high enough old films have poor sound we just have to accommodate it.

  9. Heartmoving movie. Wish the squirrel had got a better deal at the end!

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