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The sad story of a girl selling matches on the street on New Year’s Eve. She is freezing and the only thing that…

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Genre: Christmas, Drama.

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  • Summary:   The sad story of a girl selling matches on the street on New Year's Eve. She is freezing and the only thing that can keep her warm are her matches...
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Christmas, Drama
  • Directed by:   Jean Renoir
The Little Match Girl (1928) The Little Match Girl
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"The Little Match Girl" (1928) Cast:

  • Catherine Hessling - Karen
  • Jean Storm - Axel Ott


  1. their is something about the old shows and movies,they had a purpose,in telling you or reminding that we have to keep our old shows and movies alive,i have enjoyed watching all the old shows and movies,since i have been able to get them more.i haven’t even watched the new shows (which i really dislike) always keep them alive and never let them go

  2. Jean Renoir made beautiful films, this early one among them. Although a French production, The scene is intended to be English, and includes an English Policeman. The story is moving and ultimately sad. I have known it from childhood and the message is clear – don’t go out hungry and thinly clad to sell matches on a snowy Christmas day. Like Susan E. I believe there is permanent value in this old film. It has real depth and purpose, unlike so many modern shallow efforts. Thank you for bringing it to us.

  3. I watched a movie on T.V. back in the 50’s with this title, shown around Christmas time. But I do not remember if this is the same version. I just remember it was very sad like this one. I am glad I got to see this movie; it is really good. I have looked for it before but could not find it.

  4. Norma Ffrench O'Brien

    I have always loved this little story
    Since my Mother told it to me many years ago..perhaps 45 years…now I am telling it to my grandchildren who really listen and love it. Only found this site by chance half an hour ago. Could not believe this little film was there
    For me to enjoy. Many thanks for this happiness.

  5. It is obvious that the artists of the past had to have a lot more imagination an movements were very important than they are today …

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