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One of the first Christmas movies ever made! Michael and George are partners in a design firm, working hard to finish a project…

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Genre: Christmas, Drama, Romance.

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  • Summary:   One of the first Christmas movies ever made! Michael and George are partners in a design firm, working hard to finish a project on time. Later in the evening they are supposed to enjoy a party at a mansion where none of the guests show up. They have a crazy idea about how to get more guests to join them. How will that work out?
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Christmas, Drama, Romance
  • Directed by:   A. Edward Sutherland
Beyond Tomorrow (Beyond Christmas) (1940) Beyond Tomorrow (Beyond Christmas)
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"Beyond Tomorrow (Beyond Christmas)" (1940) Cast:

  • Harry Carey - George Melton
  • C. Aubrey Smith - Allan Chadwick
  • Charles Winninger - Michael O'Brien
  • Alex Melesh - Josef, the butler
  • Maria Ouspenskaya - Madame Tanya
  • Helen Vinson - Arlene Terry
  • Rod La Rocque - Phil Hubert
  • Richard Carlson - James Houston
  • Jean Parker - Jean Lawrence
  • J. Anthony Hughes - Police Officer Johnson
  • Robert Homans - Police Sergeant
  • Virginia McMullen - Radio Station Secretary
  • James Bush - Jace Taylor
  • William Bakewell - David Chadwick


  1. saludos,deseo ver las peliculas en español.gracias.

  2. It’s on my to-do list!

  3. This has some profound messages. Are we to cynical to accept the possibilities of faith, making amends, and happy endings?

  4. What a lovely film I really enjoyed it

  5. My 3rd favorite Christmas film.

  6. Enjoyed very much. Not at all what I expected. All characters well acted…perfect choice for their respective parts. Good to see acting as the part called for…rather than otherwise.
    If possible will down load for future viewing. Hopefully, no interruptions in the playing process for both sound and visual. Still, give the film an A plus.

  7. I’m wondering if the song in the movie “It’s raining dreams” was ever recorded?

  8. Delightful movie…in top five Xmas movie’s… Thanks for this site..I haven’t watched a modern movie in ages…:)

  9. I really enjoyed it, hope everyone gets to watch the movie, it’s so pleasant to watch ,so relaxing, really a great movie.

  10. Love all these films on this site
    This was great

  11. who is the singer

    who is the singer

  12. Wonderful movie! It wasn’t what I expected – amazing

  13. Really enjoyed this film well worth a look.

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