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Kris works as Santa Claus at a department store. Even though this doesn’t seem like the most complicated job, Kris manages to cause…

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Genre: Christmas, Drama.

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  • Summary:   Kris works as Santa Claus at a department store. Even though this doesn't seem like the most complicated job, Kris manages to cause quite a lot of trouble for the store manager. The problem is that he took "never break character" to the limit by believing that he actually is the real Santa Claus... Will Kris bring joy to the children in the store or will the town's mental institution get a new patient?
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Christmas, Drama
  • Directed by:   Robert Stevenson
Miracle on 34th Street (1955) Miracle on 34th Street
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"Miracle on 34th Street" (1955) Cast:

  • Thomas Mitchell - Kris Kringle
  • Teresa Wright - Doris Walker
  • MacDonald Carey - Fred Gailey
  • Sandy Descher - Susan Walker
  • Ray Collins - Judge Harper
  • Hans Conried - Mr Shellhammer
  • Dick Foran - Thomas Mara
  • Whit Bissell - Dr Pierce
  • Don Beddoe - R H Macy
  • Herbert Heyes - Mr Gimbel
  • Herb Vigran - Postal Clerk


  1. Enjoyed very much. A lot of pauses in the film. Too often, either no sound or no picture or both. Wish it were not so…but it will not keep me from viewing more. Thank you for this opportunity to view these old classics.

  2. A special thank you for a movie that lets you well enjoy a movie thanks

  3. Very good movie puts me in the christmas mood

  4. Love the movie,they don’t make them like that anymore.

  5. Thanks for letting me watch this ,agood old classic

  6. Great Christmas classic. Great to see it here.

  7. thank you for allowing me to have a copy my uncle(84yr old) loves to have a copy keep up to this idea thank you again.

  8. Loved it! Thanks ever so much.

  9. Loved it!

  10. This is not the famous movie made in 1947 but rather a beautifully made 1955 tv show.

    How television, as well as our civilization, has declined since then!

  11. 2020 merry x mas all keep the faith

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