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The classic story appears on your screen again, this time a bit shortened and including the voices of the ghosts instead of their…

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Genre: Christmas, Drama.

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  • Summary:   The classic story appears on your screen again, this time a bit shortened and including the voices of the ghosts instead of their appearance. Scrooge is the definition of stingy and hates Christmas as well as gift giving. His nephew on the other hand is full of excitement but Scrooge won't sleep until he spoils the holiday for everyone around him. During the night, the Christmas spirit visits Scrooge and tries to show him what Christmas is all about.
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Christmas, Drama
  • Directed by:   Henry Edwards
Scrooge (1935) Scrooge
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"Scrooge" (1935) Cast:

  • Sir Seymour Hicks - Ebenezer Scrooge
  • Donald Calthrop - Bob Cratchit
  • Robert Cochran - Fred
  • Mary Glynne - Belle
  • Garry Marsh - Belle's husband
  • Oscar Asche - Spirit of Christmas Present
  • Marie Ney - Spirit of Christmas Past
  • C.V. France - Spirit of Christmas Future
  • Athene Seyler - Scrooge's charwoman
  • Maurice Evans - Poor man
  • Mary Lawson - Poor man's wife
  • Barbara Everest - Mrs. Cratchit
  • Eve Gray - Fred's wife


  1. thanks

  2. It was worth seeing. A better version than the one done in the early forties in Hollywood, though not as good as the 1951 version with Alistair Simm.

  3. I love vintage movies and I appreciate what you have done. There is nothing better when it comes to movies or tv than a good ole black and white. Thank you

  4. You’re very welcome, Steve!

  5. You advertize free movies? I try watching it feeezes bearly half way thru. Whats the story? I get the same on other “free”movie sites. what do I have to pay to see a “free”movie through?

  6. You probably have to pay for better internet… The movies are free and there is no way you can pay for anything on this website.

  7. What a lucky find! I’m of the generation brought up on black and white films and I absolutely love them.

    I was disappointed not to find some of my Christmas favourites, though – “Going My Way”; “The Bells of St.Mary’s”; “The Bishop’s Wife”. However, luckily, “It’s A Wonderful Life” is here so not all was lost.

    Well done whoever runs this site. I couldn’t find the “share” button so maybe you could email me and tell me where it is?


  8. Thanks Ron! I’ll see if any of the movies you mentioned are available. The share buttons are on top of the sidebar on every page. Thanks for visiting BnWMovies.com!

  9. I thought I had seen every version, but this one was a delightful surprise!

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