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After a stagecoach robbery Sheriff Matt Verity ends up finding evidence against Luke who works at a farm and has been taking care…

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Genre: Action, Comedy, Romance, Western.

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  • Summary:   After a stagecoach robbery Sheriff Matt Verity ends up finding evidence against Luke who works at a farm and has been taking care of a sick cow. Even though the evidence appears too easy to find, Luke ends up in jail. It's up to his sister Ruth to prove him innocent.
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Action, Comedy, Romance, Western
  • Directed by:   George Melford
Cowboy Counsellor (1932) Cowboy Counsellor
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"Cowboy Counsellor" (1932) Cast:

  • Hoot Gibson - Dan Alton
  • Sheila Bromley - Ruth Avery
  • Jack Rutherford - Bill Clary
  • Skeeter Bill Robbins - Deputy Lafe Walters
  • Al Bridge - Sheriff Matt Farraday
  • Fred Gilman - Luke Avery
  • Bobby Nelson - Bobby Avery
  • William Humphrey - Judge Kendell
  • Gordon De Main - Replaced by Lorch
  • Merrill McCormick - Bearded Prisoner
  • Sam Allen - Hotel Clerk


  1. In this movie, Gibson is not Ruth-less.
    He is, as usual – funny, sharp, thoroughly enjoyable. “Cowboy Counselor,” among other things, offers a courtroom scene to make Perry Mason green with envy. The lady is lovely, the kid is excellent – all the characters are perfect. PLEASE – see it. You will not ask for your money back.
    Hoot Gibson is to quote Tony the Tiger – grrreeeat!

  2. Thank you Frank, your comments are always very enjoyable to read =)

  3. excellent

  4. A simple movie,simply enjoyable.simply put,i liked it thanks

  5. They dont make them like that any more. Good clean fun any young kids could watch without the gore.

  6. Great fun! The kind of feel good smile maker that brings back imagination and simpler times.

  7. Awesome movie thank you!!

  8. I enjoyed this movie and all the cast. That Hoot makes me laugh Great actor.

  9. Yeah, your honor, but maybe the bad guy grew up with an alcoholic father, ran away, got in with the wrong crowd, and started stealing to prove his loyalty. I think probation and one hundred hours of community service would be sufficient to make him see the error of his ways. Extenuating circumstances, you know.

  10. Christopher Myers

    bnwmovies is where it’s at! Thanks for another fun and entertaining adventure of Hoot Gibson!

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