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Two deaths, priceless Chinese porcelain, a wounded dog and plenty of potential suspects. Not enough clues to solve a case unless profiler Philo…

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Genre: Mystery.

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  • Summary:   Two deaths, priceless Chinese porcelain, a wounded dog and plenty of potential suspects. Not enough clues to solve a case unless profiler Philo Vance is on the case. If you have a taste for mysteries, The Kennel Murder Case is a must watch!
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Mystery
  • Directed by:   Michael Curtiz
The Kennel Murder Case (1933) The Kennel Murder Case
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"The Kennel Murder Case" (1933) Cast:

  • William Powell - Philo Vance
  • Mary Astor - Hilda Lake
  • Eugene Pallette - Detective Heath
  • Ralph Morgan - Raymond Wrede
  • Robert McWade - District Attorney Markham
  • Robert Barrat - Archer
  • Frank Conroy - Brisbane
  • Etienne Girardot - Doremus
  • James Lee - Liang
  • Paul Cavanagh - Sir Thomas MacDonald


  1. Excellent whodunit. William Powell was a class act. I’ve watched this about half a dozen times.

  2. hi I’m looking for a movie i watched when i was 8,the characters were a horse that die came back to earth as a woman .the other a german shepard as a man together they were on a mission to find thier killers .it’s a mystery/comedy please help i want to show it 2 my grandchilderen.it’s a awesome bnw family movie!

  3. Anything with William Powell in it, is alright with me. I love him in the Thin Man series, and this is just up him alley with this movie. I’ve never seen this movie, and I am glad this site has brought it to us.

  4. I have to agree that William Powell is good stuff! I enjoyed this flick a lot. It was a nice touch to add the little scottie and doberman to the plot. I’m also enjoying a lot of other films here at B&W Movies. You have a great website and I’ve told several friends about it as well. Please keep posting more great movies for us all. Jim

  5. Glad you’re enjoying the site Jim! More movies to come soon!

  6. Great web site
    “The Kennel Murder Case”
    Was a lot of fun. You can’t go wrong
    with Philo Vance????

  7. Fine movie.

  8. This was delightful. I am a long time fan of these classic movies and your website! This one was creative and crisp and the film went at a great pace! Keep them coming!

  9. Will do Kathy and thank you for visiting BnWMovies.com!

  10. I love this movie, William Powell much better here than in the earlier Philo Vance mystery – “The Canary Murder Case” that is. By the way, the film that angel face asked for is “You Never Can Tell”, made in 1951, with Dick Powell as the (ex-dog) detective.

  11. Love Wm. Powell in any movie!

  12. Great movie ! The cast speaks for itself.

  13. twists and twists more twists and then those turns. watch. you will love it if the unexpected delights you.

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