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A lonely sailor is traveling to his base in San Pedro. While trying to hitch a ride, he meets a young orphan who…

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Genre: Christmas, Comedy, Drama.

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  • Summary:   A lonely sailor is traveling to his base in San Pedro. While trying to hitch a ride, he meets a young orphan who is going in the same direction. The sailor suggests that they will have better chances at getting a ride if they pretend to be a father and son. Son of the Navy is a great movie to watch for Christmas!
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Christmas, Comedy, Drama
  • Directed by:   William Nigh
Son of the Navy (1940) Son of the Navy
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"Son of the Navy" (1940) Cast:

  • Jean Parker - Steve Moore
  • James Dunn - Chief Gunners Mate Mike Malone
  • Martin Spellman - Tommy
  • Selmer Jackson - Capt. Parker
  • William Royle - Capt. Moore
  • Sarah Padden - Mrs. Baker, Landlady
  • Craig Reynolds - Brad Wheeler
  • Dave O'Brien - Nelson
  • Gene Morgan - Burns
  • Charles King - Duke Johnson


  1. Is this dog Toto from Oz?

  2. Thank you for letting me watch this movie 🙂

  3. Thanks for visiting!

  4. Thank you so much to give me the chance to watch this amazing movie that i have never seen before. Even i wasn’t heard about this.

  5. love the old moves….keep up the good work

  6. Great little movie

  7. Mary Ames and sister

    It is always a pleasure to watch movies that were directed by persons who abided by the movie codes of that era.
    Thank you. Agree with Thomas above: “love the old movies”. Also agree with: “keep up the good work.

  8. Besides a good movie, it was genuinely FUNNY too!

  9. Some laughs,some tears,some movie.and oh boy,a lot of yelling enjoyable thanks once again

  10. silly

  11. Thanks for the movie Excellent. Set one year before Pearl Harbor attack.
    USS Arizona and Colorado mentyst the end of the movie.

  12. Christopher Myers

    Ah, memories. In 1957 I was stationed aboard USS Shea (DM-30) a destroyer minelayer out of Long Beach, California, the same waters portrayed in this movie. On 4 May 1945 while engaged on picket duty off Okinawa she was hit by a human-guided rocket-powered kamikaze killing thirty-five men and severely wounding forty-three others. It is eerie and sad to see the proud USS Arizona which a year later lay on the bottom of Pearl Harbor. In 1960 I was once again at Long Beach aboard USS Perkins (DDR-877) in the yards for overhaul. I mustered out there in February of that year. I am proud to have been a tin can sailor. Thanks for the wonderful Navy movie. I salute you! Once a sailor, always a sailor!

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