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David is trying to write a story on the author of the book “The Lady Says No” even though he doesn’t agree with…

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Genre: Comedy.

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  • Summary:   David is trying to write a story on the author of the book "The Lady Says No" even though he doesn't agree with any of the points which the book tries to make. Contrary to his expectations, the author, Joan, turns out to be a beautiful young woman who unfortunately doesn't think much of love. Can they both learn a little from each other without dragging everyone around them into their disagreements? Probably not!
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Comedy
  • Directed by:   Frank Ross
The Lady Says No (1952) The Lady Says No
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"The Lady Says No" (1952) Cast:

  • Joan Caulfield - Dorinda Hatch
  • David Niven - Bill Shelby
  • James Robertson Justice - Matthew Hatch
  • Lenore Lonergan - Goldie
  • Frances Bavier - Aunt Alice Hatch
  • Peggy Maley - Midge
  • Henry Jones - Potsy
  • Jeff York - Goose
  • George Davis - Warf Rat Bartender
  • Robert Williams - General Schofield
  • Mary Lawrence - Mary


  1. I liked this movie. It was okay to watch.
    The only reason I even liked this movie, is because I enjoy comedies.
    But most importantly, the only reason that I gave it 3 stars, is because I especially enjoy all movies, with “David Nivens”.
    Thank you.

  2. Great film , Niven and Justice , fab!

  3. Silly. Not for me, though I’ve always liked David Niven.

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