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Alice is not your average girl. She has always received all the extravagant things which she wanted. When she gets married her husband…

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Genre: Drama, Romance.

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  • Summary:   Alice is not your average girl. She has always received all the extravagant things which she wanted. When she gets married her husband Fred treats her no different. That is, until his business starts going under and Alice suddenly gets a taste for a sable coat. Alice's friend, Esther, got her coat by cheating on her husband with a rich gentleman. Will Alice follow her friend's steps into insanity or will she realize that all she needs has been right next to her the whole time?
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Drama, Romance
  • Directed by:   Phil Rosen
Extravagance (1930) Extravagance
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"Extravagance" (1930) Cast:

  • June Collyer - Alice Kendall
  • Lloyd Hughes - Fred Garlan
  • Dorothy Christy - Esther Hamilton
  • Owen Moore - Jim Hamilton
  • Jameson Thomas - Harrison Morrell
  • Nella Walker - Mrs. Kendall
  • Robert Agnew - Billy
  • Gwen Lee - Sally


  1. A pre code Hollywood flick that seems to revolve around these happy-to-cheat women who want to get themselves a sable coat. Husbands are working away to afford them everything they want and they run around blowing money and cheating and without a care in the world. I liked it. Pre Code Hollywood was a different time.

  2. Awesome! Better than I expected. Character roles played almost better than Hollywood today. I wouldn’t change a thing about this flick.
    Great for Friday nights curled on the sofa or bed. Superb.

  3. Enjoyed!!!!

  4. really good movie but the sound didn’t match the film.
    Great fashion the ming coats look absolutely gorgeous.

  5. What the hell is a ming coat? A Chinese fur? “Extravagance” is a hidden gem. I easily give it a dozen stars. The cast is outstanding with Miss Collyer a stand-out.The script was fun and intelligent. This was a thoroughly enjoyable flick.

  6. This movie would have been alright if not for the terrible audio.it had noise in the background that sounded like someone doing work on there plumbing.sorry for complaining,but thought you needed to know.that said,thanks for all the great movies I’ve enjoyed and I’m sure will continue to

  7. No worries, not all movies are in great quality 🙂

  8. Christopher Myers

    An age-old short story that kinda dragged on through the mud. I did not mind the audio problem. It is not a perfect world.

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