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A hotel porter is murdered and Inspector Hornleigh is on the case! Clues are scarce and the more time passed by the father…

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Genre: Drama.

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  • Summary:   A hotel porter is murdered and Inspector Hornleigh is on the case! Clues are scarce and the more time passed by the father they are from finding the killer. Their best clue yet? A briefcase is missing from the crime scene.
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Drama
  • Directed by:   Walter Forde
Inspector Hornleigh Goes To It (1941) Inspector Hornleigh Goes To It
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"Inspector Hornleigh Goes To It" (1941) Cast:

  • Gordon Harker - Inspector Hornleigh
  • Alastair Sim - Sergeant Bingham
  • Phyllis Calvert - Mrs. Wilkinson
  • Edward Chapman - Mr. Blenkinsop
  • Charles Oliver - Dr. Wilkinson
  • Raymond Huntley - Dr. Kerbishley
  • Percy Walsh - Inspector Blow
  • David Horne - Commissioner
  • Peter Gawthorne - Colonel
  • Wally Patch - Sergeant Major
  • Betty Jardine - Daisy
  • O. B. Clarence - Professor Mackenzie
  • John Salew - Mr. Tomboy
  • Cyril Cusack - Postal Sorter
  • Bill Shine - Hotel Porter
  • Sylvia Cecil
  • Edward Underdown
  • Marie Makine
  • Richard Cooper


  1. alastair slim ,Not one to pay attention to ,Don’t over look his presence in films .He is a very dry fellow worth seeing here &other films.As always back grounds offer so many memories,doon’t forget to look past the action for them.Bruce

  2. Christopher Myers

    I like this flick. Once again the guys in the white hats carry the day! Good plot with good acting. I have a hard time with English movies because they speak rapidly barely opening their mouths. They need to learn to speak as we do over here in the colonies! Cheers!

  3. Although oftentimes English actors speak so rapidly that I am unable to understand a lot of the dialogue I find this to be a very cleverly written wartime espionage movie. English movies are full of background, little details, subtlety and nuance and I find them more interesting than the in-you-face Hollywood productions. This is is no exception. That said, I suppose I could be losing my mind but I do not see that the summary as given is descriptive of this movie.

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