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Harry and Eve are trying to adopt a baby but Jordan, the agent who is investigating them, senses something strange about the couple….

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Genre: Drama.

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  • Summary:   Harry and Eve are trying to adopt a baby but Jordan, the agent who is investigating them, senses something strange about the couple. Harry travels very often from LA to San Francisco and Jordan decides to find out why. What dark secret might Harry be keeping?
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Drama
  • Directed by:   Ida Lupino
The Bigamist (1953) The Bigamist
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"The Bigamist" (1953) Cast:

  • Edmond O'Brien - Harry Graham
  • Joan Fontaine - Eve Graham
  • Ida Lupino - Phyllis Martin
  • Edmund Gwenn - Mr Jordan
  • Kenneth Tobey - Tom Morgan
  • Jane Darwell - Mrs. Connelley
  • Lillian Fontaine - Miss Higgins


  1. Good moves but why cant you see the moves on full screen?

  2. Hi Rose, this problem usually occurs in Internet Explorer. If you try Firefox the website will work much better.

  3. I LOVE this site!!!! thank you so much.

  4. Wonderful movie. I would give it 5 stars.
    Older movies are the best.

  5. I love the movies on this site!!! they’re great! and I give each one I look at 9 stars,thanks a lot for sharing them.

  6. Very good film

  7. Anything involving Ida Lupino and her husband, Collier Young, is worthwhile and then some. The plot? Will it be Lupino or Joan Fontaine? What a choice. Edmond O’Brien must choose. “The Bigamist” is a quality tear-jerker. The climax? Not what you may have expected — or is it? What makes it tough is that both women are very much alike. If you have romance in your soul — SEE THIS MOVIE, and have tissues handy – even if you’re a tough-rough manman.

  8. This movie was too real….excellent story line and excellent acting. For a
    moment, I didn’t even realize I wasn’t really in the courtroom at the end.
    Powerful … and brings into stark reality that everything in life is NOT just black and white.

  9. This was a good movie, fitting for the times we live in. The ending was a surprise and if left me wondering which woman. He lived them both and they loved him.

  10. I enjoyed it.

  11. Christopher Myers

    Only too true to life. Alas…

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