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Aunt Emma Bates decides to go to New York to see a boxing match and if that isn’t enough to shock her relatives,…

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Genre: Action, Comedy.

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  • Summary:   Aunt Emma Bates decides to go to New York to see a boxing match and if that isn't enough to shock her relatives, on the night of the match she is mistaken for a notorious mob leader, Ma Parker! What this entertaining action comedy to see how Aunt Emma will use her new identity.
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Action, Comedy
  • Directed by:   Jean Yarbrough
So’s Your Aunt Emma (1942) So’s Your Aunt Emma
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"So’s Your Aunt Emma" (1942) Cast:

  • Zasu Pitts - Aunt Emma Bates
  • Roger Pryor - Terry Connors
  • Warren Hymer - Joe Gormley
  • Douglas Fowley - Gus Hammond
  • Gwen Kenyon - Maris
  • Elizabeth Russell - Zelda Lafontaine
  • Tristram Coffin - Flower Henderson
  • Malcolm Bud McTaggart - Mickey O'Banion
  • Stanley Blystone - Det. Lt. Miller
  • Dick Elliott - Evans
  • Eleanor Counts - Gracie
  • Jack Mulhall - Reporter Burns


  1. What a delightful surprise.


  3. sharky tangaroa

    teenaa koe moo eeneki taonga whakaata(thank you for these free movies I am a penshinor and enjoy old memories, i was born in the year 1948 so just understanding how to use this Computer is a whizz, ha ha enjoy your day , I am a very happy retired person in Aotearoa(The Long White Cloud), now named New Zealand by the now Invaders who have ELZHIMMER ancient love em all

  4. Darlene 'Dee' Bishop

    This is such a cute movie! Love it! Thanks for sharing and all your work to find and bring us great movies.

  5. I thought this movie was very creative and fun to watch. I would watch it over and over again.

  6. couldn’t watch it untill the end… too stupid movie.

  7. Nick Giampietro

    great movie great collection pity there is no DOWNLOAD ICON

  8. Actually there is, right where it says Download So’s Your Aunt Emma.

  9. What I would call a cute movie. Nothing more nothing less

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