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Mr. Boggs has never won anything… until he wins $1500 by guessing the number of beans in a barrel! So what better investment…

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Genre: Comedy, Romance.

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  • Summary:   Mr. Boggs has never won anything... until he wins $1500 by guessing the number of beans in a barrel! So what better investment can he make, but to by a barrel factory?
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Comedy, Romance
  • Directed by:   Gordon Wiles
Mr. Boggs Steps Out (1938) Mr. Boggs Steps Out
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"Mr. Boggs Steps Out" (1938) Cast:

  • Stuart Erwin - Oliver Boggs
  • Helen Chandler - Oleander Tubbs
  • Toby Wing - Irene Lee
  • Tully Marshall - Morton Ross
  • Spencer Charters - Angus Tubbs
  • Otis Harlan - Abner Katz
  • Walter Byron - Dennis Andrews
  • Peter Potter - Bob DeBrette
  • Harry Tyler - Sam Mason
  • Milburn Stone - Burns
  • Nora Cecil - Widow Peddia
  • Harrison Greene - Mr. Pry
  • Elliot Fisher - Tommy Mason
  • Eddie Kane - Theatre Manager
  • Wilson Benge - The Butler
  • Mike Jeffries - Chauffeur
  • Isabel La Mal - Mrs. Mason
  • Betty Mack - Miss Feathrewell
  • Otto Hoffman - Jenkins


  1. Best Movie I’ve seen ,one full of word play a plot, comedy and a twist at the end.All done with taste and good examples. Great family show .A true undiscovered classic Bruce

  2. 7o percent of movies made with unknown actors fail,or are not liked I however put myself in the 30 percent on this little flick.there’s a.lot wrong with it but it’s likable what can I say?except thanks

  3. I loved that movie..its an age gone by

  4. Funny

  5. Once again a 1930’s movie shines! What a decade for American cinema it was, featuring real people in real situations, this one set in a small town devastated by the depression’s impact on business and labor. I give it five shining stars and a thank you to bnw movies.

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