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Nominated for the Academy Award for Special Effects and Best Sound, this mystery is the third installment of the Topper series from 1937…

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Genre: Comedy, Mystery, Romance.

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  • Summary:   Nominated for the Academy Award for Special Effects and Best Sound, this mystery is the third installment of the Topper series from 1937 to 1941. It's a story about a woman who is murdered and returns as a ghost to seek the help of Topper in finding who her killer was.
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Comedy, Mystery, Romance
  • Directed by:   Roy Del Ruth
Topper Returns (1941) Topper Returns
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"Topper Returns" (1941) Cast:

  • Joan Blondell - Gail Richards
  • Roland Young - Cosmo Topper
  • Carole Landis - Ann Carrington
  • Billie Burke - Clara Topper
  • Dennis O'Keefe - Bob
  • Patsy Kelly - Emily
  • H. B. Warner - Henry Carrington
  • Eddie Anderson - Eddie
  • George Zucco - Dr. Jeris
  • Donald McBride - Police Sergeant Roberts
  • Rafaela Ottiano - Lillian
  • Trevor Bardette - Rama


  1. I grew up watching the b/w movies….and Topper is one of my all time favorites next to mickey Rooney, Cary Grant, bob hope, and the other great comedy actors as well as Katherine Hepburn and the others of her class..keep these movies coming please..I’m sharing these classics with my kids and I hope they will share them with theirs..

  2. I’m happy to hear that Steve, they’ll keep coming for sure =)


  3. Great movie ! I’ve never thought that I would be so into black and white movies, but hey, it’s amazing ! Funny and mysterious plot !
    It encouraged me to watch other movies here and enjoy a trip back in time.

  4. I loved it. Had seen it when I was a child in the 60’s, but could not appreciate it like I can now. Thank you Black and White Movies.

  5. Great movie! Probably the best offered! Thank you. Marc Fowler

  6. I love the old black and white movies.the mystery .action action.I love it the suspense.

  7. So many charming actors in this movie, so many laughs. Thank you.

  8. terrific

  9. This is an all time classic. Thank you for providing us this service. I watch more B&W classics online than watching my regular 200 channel tv. Thanks again.

  10. What a great site this is,hard to find better.

  11. All the Topper movies were good.
    I have multiple copies of all the books.
    I love to read them many times over as I am 93 years old now.
    Thorne Smith was a super writer.

  12. I’ve always loved these “old Topper movies”. Also,remember, the brief t.v. show in the fifties. Yes, am old enough to remember those!!

  13. Fab ! but no films subtitles option so I can’t watch them, such a shame

  14. very good movie, superb plot and excellent actors!

  15. Lots of fun! Haven’t seen a Topper film in years though it was standard fare in our household as I came up over 50 years ago. This site is a great find. Good quality.

  16. This movie was very entertaining, Great!!!

  17. great movie just dont make them like this anymore…thanx admin anymore topper films be appreciated greatly thanx..

  18. I love that movie

  19. do you have any other bnw movies more of ma and pa kettle, the thin man, mystery , suspence , and comedy thank you

  20. as good as a winter day deversion can get.

  21. Michael Chavers

    A great movie 5 star

  22. I love it

  23. I really enjoyed this. Being 72 yo I saw a lot of these old movies when I was young. Having great memories as I re-watch them, thanks a lot.

  24. I love the scene when Carole Landis sees her dad for the first time. I fall in love with her every time I see her.

  25. Feb 02, 2019 Topper Returns Love It

  26. Love the topper films this one the best thank you

  27. Hi,
    Great to have a lot of old B&W movies ! congratulations !

    But I do not see any “search field”: is there a way to search on your site ?

    I am particularly looking for other films with Carole LANDIS, such as “Mystery Sea Raider” for example: have you any other film with Carole Landis ?

    Thank you very much for your reply,

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