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T. F. Stockwell works at a bank. He decides to steal the money and valuables form the bank’s safety deposit boxes and then…

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Genre: Adventure.

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  • Summary:   T. F. Stockwell works at a bank. He decides to steal the money and valuables form the bank's safety deposit boxes and then takes off in a plane along with his daughter Doreen. The plane crashes in the jungle. Doreen finds a wounded gorilla and helps it to survive. Years later Ray Gorman, the son of the man who was blamed for the bank robbery, goes out in the jungle, trying to find the fallen plane with the money so he can clear his father's name. He saves the life of a local who tells him about a white goddess that lives in the jungle. The local agrees to take Ray to the goddess. Find out what happens by watching Nabonga!
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Adventure
  • Directed by:   Sam Newfield
Nabonga (1944) Nabonga
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"Nabonga" (1944) Cast:

  • Barton MacLane as Carl Hurst
  • Bryant Washburn as White Hunter
  • Buster Crabbe as Ray Gorman
  • Fifi D'Orsay as Marie
  • Herbert Rawlinson as T.F. Stockwell
  • Jackie Newfield as Doreen Stockwell, as a child
  • Julie London as Doreen Stockwell
  • Prince Modupe as Tobo
  • Ray Corrigan as Samson the Gorilla (as Nbongo)

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