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Directed by Alfred Hitchcock, this thriller follows the events related to a gang of terrorists who are planning their attacks in London. Even…

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Genre: British, Mystery, Thriller.

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  • Summary:   Directed by Alfred Hitchcock, this thriller follows the events related to a gang of terrorists who are planning their attacks in London. Even though the police have spies who are trying to identify the terrorists, an unintended explosion creates much bigger problems for the gang...
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   British, Mystery, Thriller
  • Directed by:   Alfred Hitchcock
Sabotage (1936) Sabotage
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"Sabotage" (1936) Cast:

  • Sylvia Sidney - Mrs Verloc
  • Oskar Homolka - Karl Anton Verloc
  • Desmond Tester - Steve
  • John Loder - Sergeant Ted Spencer
  • Joyce Barbour - Renee
  • Matthew Boulton - Superintendent Talbot
  • S.J. Warmington - Hollingshead
  • William Dewhurst - The Professor
  • Charles Hawtrey - a Studious Youth


  1. I have been unable to play most of your films, some start then just stop others do not start saying unable to load,
    I think 40% do not play.

  2. Hello Mr Holdford, for some reason people in certain regions seem to have a hard time connecting to the video servers. I can’t really explain why that’s happening and I can’t reproduce it from the location where I live. From what I can tell, the website works and the video servers work so the problem must be in the connection between those server and yourself.

    Thank you for your feedback and I hope the source of this connection issue will be resolved soon!

  3. Loved this movie. Thank Heavens for this site. Finally got a place to satisfy my craving for old movies. Keep up the good work BnW.

  4. great movie seems more relevant to today than yesteryear… kinda makes you wonder do jihadists watch old movies too
    ..God Bless the victims of this kind of atrocities

    anyway 4- 4 1\2 stars

  5. It’s extraordinary how these old movies seem so much more real than so much of the modern deluge, how they fill one with a marvellous sense of gravity and perspective. That kiss at 01:11:00 is so wonderfully tender.


  7. Wow! Another superlative job by the Brits! Just one after another. Another from the year I was born. Mr. bnw, I don’t know where you get them but keep it up!

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